12 “Rathminors” selected for Irish Underage Training Squads

Thanks to Nick Scallan for the following:

The ICU Junior Selection Committee have this weekend announced the National Juniors Training squads in preparation for the Glorney 4 Nations team competition and individual  International underage competitions this summer.

Rathmines are delighted to have 12 of our young players selected to the squads. The squads will receive expert coaching from GM Alexander Baburin, IM Sam Collins, FM David Fitzsimons, and National Junior Officer Darko Polimac.


11 of the juniors have played for Rathmines in the leagues this year, with our 12th member, Dayna Ferguson expected to be part of next seasons Bodley squad.

 The Rathmines players selected are as follows:


Irish U18 Squad (2 Rathmines players)

Scott Mulligan & Peter Cook.


Irish U14 Squad (3 Rathmines players)

Michael Higgins, Fiachra Scallan & Liam Coman


Irish U12 Squad (6 Rathmines players)

Matthew Gallagher, Henry Li, Eoghan Turner, Mustakim Ul Haque, Muhtarim Ul Haque & Sean Hunter.


Irish U18 Girls Squad (1 Rathmines player)

Dayna Ferguson


Coaching dates are played for Sunday 23rd March, Sunday 27th April, Sunday 11th or 18th May and Sunday 15th or 22nd June. All coaching will take place at the Hilton Kilmainham Hotel. 

Final selections of the teams for the Glorney team events which takes place in Stirling, Scotland from 3rd to 7th  August are expected to be announced at the beginning of June once the May ratings list has been finalised. 

The Rathmines Junior Club meet on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 8.30pm in the Kenilworth Bowling Club, Grosvenor Square, Rathmines, with further information on www.rathminesjuniorchessclub.wordpress.com

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18 Responses to 12 “Rathminors” selected for Irish Underage Training Squads

  1. David Goggins says:

    Hope the Rathminors can give the rest of us a few lessons 🙂

  2. shahram says:

    Rathminors is funny , these kids are so lucky , GM,FM,IM are teaching them , all I got is a dodgy fritz . Here some sound advice from me which No chess master will teach you , it’s about using opponents body language to make decisions on what to focus on !!, for example , lets say ,its your opponent move ,if he is leaning forward with his head hovering low and heels of the ground, he is going to attack and plan for it , but if he is sitting back head high and heels firmly on ground , he is going to defend or make a passive move and don’t waste time thinking about your own defence and if opponent makes strange facial expression or tilt heads sideways then a sac is coming , incidentally if you looking at opponent feet and notice the big loop is towards the little toe then he is left handed( big toe in right handed ).

    couple of other things , 1. about updated rating tab , if you click on it , under comments sections 1st comment which was posted 5 years ago , the club is advising minors to join st benildus or gonzaga and don’t mention rathmines junior club , ( comment should be deleted , so should many old comments under different tabs) .also if you click on actual individuals rating instead of a graph , you get the code for the german enigma machine ! .
    2 . the ratmimnes twitter is missing about half the results and no mention of our latest rathmines 4.5 -1.5 win over aer lingus or earlier rathmines b win over Dublin ,

    The delay on updating results on leinster website is a joke , the teams should submit results within 24 hours of match ending or face penalty points ( that’ll fix it ), some one who has time to spend 4 hours playing a game of chess can surely spare a minute or two to submit results . the people who do the updating should be committed to updating tables at least once a week, ( I actually emailed and offered to help ).

    p.s I play in ennis league and in leinster website trying to find out who is the leader in points table but my eyesight is so bad that even with squinting I can’t make out the name !.

  3. shahram says:

    By big loop in the comment above, I meant shoelaces ,when will I learn to prooofread before I post ?

  4. shahram says:

    I am happy !! . After our 4-2 win over portmarnock ,our team promotion to heidenfeld is virtually guaranteed.It feels good to be promoted straight after our relegation last year ,As I predicted and posted months ago on this website , inchicore & rathmines will be promoted from ennis league, I remember saying it in the club after the 1st round of ennis was completed and was laughed at by a club member who told me elm mount had the strongest team,I tried to explain that our team is fresh from heidenfeld campaign and they’ve got a geriatric prodigy like me and all you need is 1-2 players to score wins and rest hold their own but to no avail , I was in elm mount blitz last xmas and told william ffrench that he was the strongest player in their team and should be playing board 1 and not 4 ( incidentally he told me he reads my comments here ! ) .It looks like I’ll be the highest scorer in ennis league even before final round !, please inform Lcu I have no interest collecting my grading prize and they can give the money to charity .

    Talking charity , I went to bray charity blitz last week as this was a FAIR charity blitz ( 3 min + 2 sec ) and it was trying to deport 2 girls to go to africa so they can help poor families over there .I bought bunch of raffle tickets and many students there , after winning a large chocolate easter egg in raffle , my numbers won twice more but I declined to collect ,so others could win and ended handing that easter egg to a student who hadn’t won . The competition itself ended around midnight with 3 players in tiebreak and deadlocked as we went around twice with me beating john joyce & he beating pat reynolds and pat beating me , so I withdrew from competition and they tossed a coin between pat & john and john won the toss. We should have a charity blitz like it in rathmines , ! I have done some research and found many poor families living in Hawaii Islands so if charity blitz pays for my ticket & accommodation I volunteer to go ! and promise to take a poor familiy out for a meal ( mcdonalds ) out of my own pocket and put photos as proof on website .

  5. shahram says:

    In further proof of my sportsmanship , when aerlingus team were coming to play in rathmines , there was some trouble in city centre and their team was delayed big time and single handedly I persuaded my team to delay starting their clocks for at least 20 minutes and said will reschedule my own game if opponent not show up because this is not the way I want to win ( amazing that I am not in icu hall of fame already ! ) .ICU should have a provision in case of an extra ordinary event , so matches can be replayed , Imagine if rathmines were travelling lets say curragh in a car and a bank robbery was in progress in out path and bank robbers had taken hostages and we could not proceed and reach the venue in time , provisions must be made , Having said that , bank robbers don’t take hostages here ,because they know there is no need ! , if they get arrested after spending a night in police station , the next day they are guaranteed to get bail and when the case eventually comes to court 1-2 years later , they talk about their hard childhood and how they plan to do a fas course and will end up only getting a suspended sentence which will be added to dozens of previous suspended sentences and convictions .

    Gonzaga , after reading my previous comments gonzaga decided they want to keep killian and have cleverly pumped him up into their board 2 of their armstrong and made other boards selection erratic to make it look like they have a random selection pattern , every one says killian will come back if rathmines goes back into armstrong but as usual I know better ! , If he wanted to keep connection with the club he would have shown up in rathmines blitz last xmas , anyway I am not going to discuss him any more , he was a great loss to the club , we move on .

  6. shahram says:

    Rathmines A heidenfeld is on course for promotion but must not get complacent and turn up with a strong team for the last 2 remaining matches , our nearest rivals are malahide & Drogheda . malahide are playing against league leaders next and Drogheda have to play away in kilekenny and they don’t travel well and have weak teams or walkovers in long distance matches , I have just put the data ( including ratings & w/o) in the computer and it predicts a 4-4 draw between kilkenny & Drogheda and rathmines A to beat phibsboro 5-3 .If you are stuck , I am willing to leave ennis league ( as my mission is accomplished there ) and play remaining games of heidenfeld , because today is not the day to ask what my club can do for me but what I can do for my club !.

    It is funny how information spins around chess community , I posted here complaining that rathmines win over aerlingus was not posted in twitter and gave the results , In reality I was just letting inchicore know what our results was as their match was finishing , to see if they looking at comments here and they pick up info here and put it in their report that they are 1 point in the lead and then rathmines A twitter checks their websites and picks up info from there and tweets it over here!.
    Winning ennis or heidefeld league is not important to me and it is only a bonus ( winning armstrong only thing that counts ) , what matters is promotion .


  7. shahram says:

    Ennis league , inchicore now look certain to win the league and we’ll finish second and we both get promoted , at other end , portmarnock looks like getting relegated along with loser of aerlingus vs Drogheda clash.

    Heidenfeld after yesterdays 5.5- 2.5 win over phibsboro , our rathmines A is almost certain for promotion . well done boys

    In cyberspace ,some bloggers create such volume of literature or garbage ( depending on your point of view ) that is truly amazing , tell you this , If I was in a solitary confinement 24 hours a day with a computer ,wouldn’t be able to blog so much material .

  8. shahram says:

    Cluelessness is a big problem not only in chess but everyday life , here couple of examples in chess
    1. Bunratty website had a player rated over 1600 in their 1200-1600 section , bunratty’s own website clearly showing the player is rated 1600 for over a week and people on blog discussing it & then after competition is over, bunratty committee turns around and say they didn’t know the player was rated over 1600 !!.

    2. Kaparov is coming to Dublin next weekend and going to mansion house , according to ICU article only irish and russian langauge will be spoken during presentations & speeches !! , let me see , every one in the room would be fluent in english , kasparov has to sit through speeches given in irish where he as well as many in audience won’t understand what is being said and then he speaks in russian and majority won’t understand what he is saying!.This is a ” lets NOT communicate meeting ” or AA meeting, but is this case it has nothing to do with alcohol but AA stands for ” Anglophobia Anonymous ” ! , I tell you this , when I am with my homeboy and a third party is present ,we would never speak in our native tongue as it would be rude , my guess is who ever is organizing this event is fluent in irish and wants to shine !.Foreign minister Eamon gilmore will also be there ,which reminds me of funny incidence couple of weeks back when I was at a friend’s house and we were sitting on a couch watching TV and I was changing channels and we were like beavis & butthead commenting on what we were seeing on TV and on one channel gilmore was talking about events in crimea & stating what should be done there and my friends turned to me and said at last we and gilmore had something in common and I said , what ? and he said ” world leaders will pay as much attention to what gilmore has to say on crimea as we have to say ! “

  9. shahram says:

    Irish junior championship is on the same weekend as final league fixture ! another example of what happens when clueless individuals are in charge . Most competing juniors live in Dublin and yet the competition is held in ballinasloe because someone thinks they are being balanced and fair ! .How many juniors are from ballinasloe ? even most of those junior not living in Dublin still have to travel long distances to get there ,and there is noting to see there ( I’ve been there ) river going through it is called ” SUCK “! it is not even a seaside resort or has any attractions nearby ,discombobulated organizes just creating hassle and needless costs on parents during recession,parents should have a say where the venue should be next year, I would recommend against travelling to this competition ,because it is just VANITY and waste of money .Ballinasloe are not even located in leinster but still have couple of teams in LCU ! which tell me some individuals with alot of clout over icu & lcu live there .

  10. shahram says:

    Let me explain what I meant by Vanity in above comment ,Most parents think their kid is special so they bring them into competitions ( not just chess ) like this junior championship where they have created so many sections based on gender and age that nearly every kid will win gold,silver or bronze in their section and parent goes and boasts to their friends and neighbours and says: look my kid is the irish U11 chess champion and every one claps and cheers but several years later when the kid grows up , same friends and neighbours will ask the parent remember you told us your kid was U11 champion and now that he is grown up is he/she still a chess champion and then very likely the parent has to eat humble pie and admit that the grown up kid is a nobody in the chess community as an adult .

  11. shahram says:

    OH NO !! . I thought I was meeting kasparov this weekend but apparently you can’t just walk in there and it is invitation only & I didn’t know , Surely after my previous comment about this bilingual event ,I have blown any chance of an invitation .It is sad because me and kasparov are not strangers just friends who have not met yet ! .

  12. shahram says:

    Poor kasparov getting hounded by some people for photographs & autographs etc whereever he goes and has to listen to the same silly questions over & over again , from some photos people have posted on their blog & facebook this weekend, you can see it on his face that he hates it but some people want to boast & make themselves look important by taking photo standing beside him , what can he do?.

    I wish there was a less political person going for fide job but the current boss kirsan is a stooge of putin who went to see saddam & gadaffi & assad of syria and got the job by bribery & cheating .Kasparov has balls , he has put his life on the line to rid his country of a dictator , putin has already eliminated several high profile opponents living overseas .

    After my comment above I have to cancel my siberian summer holiday & my secret russian bank account will also be frozen .

  13. shahram says:

    Reading an article on icu site under the heading of ” adventures of an arbiter ” This is a discombobulated article ! It states that effect of promotion is immediate as flag falls , the question I have is , when is the move complete ? what happens if flag falls during the move ? who is to tell ? what if one party claims there was still time on the clock when the pawn was pushed and the other party said” No” ?. IMHO after you push the pawn you have to hit the clock and then the move is complete .The chance of an arbiter being present and being a judge is very remote , In a tournament ,arbiters tell you to start your clock and then rush to the bar to get inebriated and only turn up again towards the end ,just like cops never there when you need them .

  14. shahram says:

    Rathmines website is the best chess website in ireland , It is balanced ,unflustered ,lots of harmony, accurate and also educational( thanks to my comments ). Other sites you never know what will happen, I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up one day and saw “fifty shades of grey ” copied and pasted on one of them .people should respect each other’s opinion and not be abusive.

  15. shahram says:

    Final round of league is in teachers club , I don’t understand why we have to go there , Teacher’s club is an ideal location to open a methadone clinic and not suitable as a chess venue , Gonzaga in ranelagh ( where I live ) is alot better , It has class , plenty of parking and Luas stop is just behind the college and it’s much safer & a pleasant venue .

  16. shahram says:

    ” 12 year old giving a simuli in curragh “, I expected a better april fool day trick from icu , no one will fall for that one.

    Kasparov skipped the mansion house presentation , he did not want to listen to a speech in irish or play few games with kids or meet eamon gilmore , instead he was chilling out in his room , the flight delay thing was made up as he pulled a yelstin gambit , for those of you with bad memories or too young , click on the link below for the story from 20 years ago


    In all photos taken from kasparov in Dublin ,he looks really pissed off , just take a look at ennis & Drogheda website to see for yourself.I wouldn’t display those photo’s as a trophy. kasparov is a snub and has too much ego .Don’t bother sucking up to that russian/croatian guy .

    It was brought to my attention that the comment I made about ” the adventures of an arbiter ” the flag fall is irrelevant to when the promotion move is made , so apparently if your flag falls and with promotion to queen you can checkmate , once the flag fall , you can go for you meal and have couple of pints and then come back and make your move ! .

    more evidence of clueless organizers , some one from our club was supposed to go for cork tournament and was quoted 400 euro for weekend accommodation in the venue hotel ! wisely he changed his mind .

    Rathmines A ennis is now officially promoted to heidenfeld (yipee) and still people bringing in sophistry to the table about us winning the league , we are 1.5 points behind league leader and they are facing a weak team , while we face cavan who have higher average rating than us. Inchicore are deserving winners and have decent committed players who turn up round after round just like us.

  17. shahram says:

    Yes, I don’t like kasparov anymore , His non-attendance at mansion house was disgraceful , he decided he will just do the late show for friday and that’s it ,If my offer of bringing a belly dancer to the mansion house for the event was accepted he might have shown up .Organizer is part to blame , when dealing with a guy with huge ego like him, arrangements have to be interactive , you give him list of options and see what he will agree to and then good chance everything go to plan but if you make up a programme and just give it to him , you may be let down like that, when dealing with someone who has a superiority complex like that remember this ” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent and never give your consent . Yes , kasparov doesn’t give a damn about Ireland and in photos taken with his fans here , he thinks that the person standing next to him is garbage and owes him blood money for the photo , everywhere he went he was treated with great deal of respect and smiles and given much attention and made to feel special and that’s how he responded. I am very different , when people pay attention to me and make me feel special , i am grateful , here is a great example :

    Whenever, I arrive in Dublin airport from an overseas holiday and queue in passport control , others just flash their passport and go through totally ignored but when it’s my turn the garda scans my irish passport and asks me how was my holiday and I respond with my best north Dublin accent that I can muster and say It was grand and he smiles and I go through , also occasionally In airport custom I get stopped and the custom officer asks me lots of questions about my holiday , where I was staying , etc and also wants to see what souvenirs I brought with me and I tell you this,once I leave the airport building I am so happy and say to myself ” what great serendipity for me to be living i ireland, I wasn’t born here but the airport staff totally ignored other passengers , couldn’t care if they dropped dead in the airport but I was made to feel special and engaged me in conversation and wanted to know about my holiday and gave me so much attention , in fact I sometimes worry that other passengers may get jealous and complain that they are getting ignore like that !.

  18. shahram says:

    Kasparov didn’t have the decency to make up a good excuse for not attending mansion house ,could have said he had a bad migraine instead of saying he was tired , forcing organizer to come up with the flight delay excuse .Yes at the time he was due to be in mansion house he was ordering tea with warm milk beside it and when the bar staff delivered , he picked up the little jar of milk and angrily with a loud voice said that the milk was cold and shoved the tray back and they had to heat the milk for him !.

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