National Club Championships 2014

The 2014 event is scheduled for Ballinasloe on April 26th/27th, two rounds on Saturday and two on Sunday. See details in ICU site Rathmines are considering entering a team. A team consists of six players. The first round is at 1pm so you could travel down on Sat morning and stay just one night. If you’re interested in playing please indicate in a reply here or contact Tony Bermingham or John Maher in the club.




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7 Responses to National Club Championships 2014

  1. shahram says:

    Hi Tony

    Little chance of replies to your invitation on the blog here , thanks to many egocentric prolific posters spewing out trash, people are reluctant to use blogs for communication .can’t really blame them. It would have been better to left your e-mail address or your mobile for contact , I like to go but can’t make the 1st game on saturday as working til 1pm .Very strong players will be there and the 150 points rule don’t apply , so we can rotate players on boards , Our club has as much chance of winning it as miley cyrus keeping her tongue in her mouth for 5 minutes but would be good experience .

  2. mjdkennedy says:

    Shahram, we can’t rotate players. Must stick with declared order with any subs slotting in on lowest boards. The team is 6 players + max. 2 subs. Players of any rating can play as long as the rating average of top 6 is 1600+. Deadline for entries is 19-April-14. On every previous occasion I remember, the club covered the entry fee. Subject to approval of the Committee, the same will probably apply this time. Full rule on :

    One important rule on player eligibility is :

    “17. All players must be members of the club they are representing. For the purposes of these rules, in order to be considered a member of the club, a player must satisfy at least one of the following conditions (or an equivalent at the discretion of the arbiter):

    He/she has played for the club in at least two previous National Club Championships.
    He/she has played for the club in a provincial league at least three times in the current season.
    He/she lives or works within the local area of the club.

    The team captain may be required to provide evidence to substantiate a player’s bona fides to the arbiter, if there is any doubt. If proof is not forthcoming, or, in the opinion of the arbiter, the evidence provided is insufficient, then the player will not be eligible to play for that club. The arbiter’s decision on this rule will be final..”

  3. shahram says:

    Hi michael

    You are right!, I didn’t read the rules of competition , but knew 150 point rule did not apply here ,This would be a good opportunity for 1 or 2 rathminors to play strong opponents, as I said I am available except for the first round .I don’t think club should pay for this competition,why should it ? unless it has a budget surplus which it doesn’t know what to do with ( which I doubt ), if someone can pay for travel and accommodation to balinasloe ,they surely can cough up 12.50 euro competition entry fee . Ballinasloe is a curious choice ,the venue hotel is the only hotel in town ,a more centrally located location with more choice of stay like Tullamore would have made much more sense . Club can also save money not paying for all those wooden pieces it hands out in rathmines club championship ( btw when is rcc starting ? )

    I am now rated 1660 ( up to minute LIVE ) going to into the final round , rating progress frustrating slow ,thanks to k-factor 24 & no bonus . I still can’t figure out how I became top scorer in the league sitting on board 1 as I spend most of the time daydreaming,walking around or watching what others are doing .

  4. shahram says:

    Rathmines A heidenfeld only needs to get 1 point in the final round to guarantee promotion , things looking good for next year , 1 team in armstrong , 2 in heidenfeld and 1 in ennis .We should have gala after final round.

  5. Hello to all and I wish you all the very best in the 2014 Chess Season. Eat well and make sure your intake of fluids is sufficient.

  6. shahram says:

    There are many funny people in irish chess and ICU rating officer is among them!, I have emailed him three times in the past 2 years ago first about my k factor and then last feb about the bunratty rating and also about my federation ( all requests were denied ), he is a bright intelligent guy but has an acid tongue and sends his photo in reply email and as you can see is his facebook in link below, This is what happens when you watch the movie ” Lawrence of arabia” too many times and dress like lawrence of Hibernia !

  7. shahram says:

    Sadly it seems I will not be able to attend the final round of the league , cuz I’ve just read my life insurance policy’s fine print and it clearly states that the policy will not pay if I deliberately put my life in a serious unwarranted danger and there is a long list of examples written which unfortunately includes hanging around teachers club , other examples are , going to syria for holiday , flying malaysian airline or attempting to pick up leprechauns , I also have a sore foot and limping but in a case of emergency and chance of a player defaulting ring me and I may be able to catch a taxi and come over .

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