Rathmines Club Championships 2014

The Rathmines Club Championships start on Thursday, 24 April 2014 at 7:30pm sharp.

3 Sections, based on ICU rating:

A: 1500 +

B: 1200 – 1599

C: up to 1199

  • Open to all current members of Rathmines Chess Club
  • 6 Rounds
  • 1 game per week
  • Rate of play 105mins all moves (quickplay finish rules apply) or 90mins + 15secs increment per move (if agreed by both players)
  • ICU Rated (to be included on September rating list)
  • Entry €5 to the controller, Michael Kenned
  • Last year’s champions may play in higher section
  • Per direction from the club committee, the final round will be split between the final week of May and the first week of June
  • In the event of a tie for first place the champion will be the determined by rapid play-off (25mins each, unrated) to take place on the Thursday immediately following the final round
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12 Responses to Rathmines Club Championships 2014

  1. shahram says:

    It is amazing how accurate my predictions are , After the first round of the Lcu league I declared here , that elm mount will win heidenfeld and it came true , also same time I announced that inchicore and rathmines will be promoted from ennis and that happened too ( even though elm mount had the strongest team by ratings ). 18 months ago I tried to help the club by advising in club and here that couple of decent players be left in the heidenfeld from armstrong b team and ignoring my advise led to relegation of both armstrong and heidefeld teams , at the start of last season I was going to be put in rathmines b heidenfeld where my talent would have been wasted and would have made no difference to the league outcome but by successfully arguing to be put in ennis , rathmines A team was promoted and sitting on board 1 , I was the only one to get a board prize in the league ( not even played in the final round ! ) also through my incessant argument rathmines A heidefeld started shoring up their bottom board to secure promotion, A sagacious individual like me would be a gem in team selection, because I have great understanding of players , their potential and take all factors and stats into consideration .

    If you are bored this Easter you can go to facebook and put ” irish chess ” into search where currently heated arguments are raging between pro and anti putin factions ( I am staying out of it ) , I am no fan of kasparov but having delusional krisen as head of fide is a shame for the chess community.

    Another argument is whether chess is a sport or not can be resolved easily using my solution ! ,here it is . If a player touches a piece after the move he has to get up and walk or run around the playing table based on how many points piece is worth , so for example if you touch a pawn you run around the table once and then sit down to think but touching queen which is worth 9 points , you run around 9 times , only drawbacks with this plan is that you need more space in the venue and lazy people may trade off their queens early ! .

  2. shahram says:

    Any news on Lcu cups ? , is rathmines entering teams ? deadline for entry is end of today( friday ).some elements including the calendar have gone into aestivation !.

  3. shahram says:

    Rathmines club championship

    Senior section is supposed to be over 1600’s & a generous 100 point playing up was provided , I just like to state that if paired with a player rated below 1500 ,I won’t break the competition rules and will not play , my opponent can have a walkover win. Yes ,Just over 2 years ago I was firmly stuck on board 4 of Bea division ( ended up top scorer in the league that year ) and it was mid-season , when just like oliver twist I nervously walked up to the table and asked since I was performing well , ” could I sit on a higher board , sir please ? ” and just like oliver twist my request was denied ( now I know how he felt that day ), I was advised that I was seated based on my rating and only by my rating I could earn a place to face opponents on a higher board and today I say this, if you want to play me , then you have to earn your place .
    No money was collected to waste on wooden prizes ( 9 prizes ) which is good , lets say you come second or third in the intermediate or junior section in this intraclub competition and get a woody prize , how or to whom are you going to boast with it ?.

    National club championship has turned into a farce ,organizers have finally realised that ballinasloe is not the centre of the universe, desperate to save face ,under-qualified local players with the aid of mercenaries have thrown themselves into the fray , it is a straight fight between the winner of this competition Adare and runner up gonzaga which would have been easier if these two teams met in Dublin or Drogheda. if national club championship was held in Dublin many more teams including rathmines would have taken part ,As I said before ,same as the junior competition it should be held in Dublin every year because even players from outside of Dublin who come here can do shopping or other activities between games , while in ballinasloe if you want activity or entertainment the only way is to throw yourself into the river there !.

  4. shahram says:

    Forgot to make another recommendation , Adare chess club have many very strong players who don’t live in the area, perhaps they should change their name to NOMAD chess club ? .

  5. shahram says:

    Ok , I was a bit rash yesterday , I will play below 1500 rated players in senior section if paired ,but would like game unrated , please sir ?

  6. shahram says:

    Rathmines is playing phibsborough thursday next week which going to clash with senior section of club championship , just looking at phisboro chess club website , is this a chess club or a phrourion?, it states that at arrival first go to security and get a key to put your car or bike in the gated car park , then you have to sign your name in when entering the building which is ? a youth hostel and then get an access card to enter other floors , wow ! that’s alot of security , I am not sure if I want to go to a place like this as I could be easily mistaken for a rich arab ( neither of which I am ) and could be curtains for me .My recommendation ( I love making recommendations all the time, can’t stop ! ) is for the team to arrive together and leave together and when walking to form a circle , so you can not be outflanked by the junkies and since it is a youth hostel , please don’t touch anyone while there as not bring back scabies to our club .

  7. shahram says:

    As I am well known for my great sportsmanship , I thought I show you a one of earliest film to show courage & sportsmanship by 3 people in action , The film below was taken on boxing day 1908 ( 116 years ago ) and an important milestone in boxing.The white boxer in video is Tommy burns who at the time of fight was the current heavy weight boxing champion of the world ,after conquering americas , he traveled to europe ( including ireland ) to beat their best fighters , He was the first heavy weight champion to accept a challenge from a black boxer despite objections from many quarters , The black boxer is jack johnson who became the first black to become heavy weight champion of the world , he turned up for this fight among a very hostile crowd and there is a serious risk that he could be lynched by crowd in this event , but during the fight he engages the abusive crowd with smiles and taunts and shows no fear and deliberately drags on the fight , The fight ends when the police fearful of a riot and ? lynching steps in and stop the fight as the champion who is heavy favorite to win the fight is about to be knocked out .The decision has to go to ring judges and this is an era where corruption & bribery are common in boxing and the ring judges will very likely award the fight to Tommy burns , but seeing what about is to happen within a few seconds of police stepping in , the referee lifts jack johnson’s hand and declares him the winner , funny thing is that the Ref is a rich tycoon who has never refereed a fight before and paid alot of money for the privilege ! .

  8. shahram says:

    I forgot to mention the film above caused race riots in usa and scores died as a result and U.S congress passed a law banning prize fights films to be shown to public and this law lasted for 40 years !.

  9. shahram says:

    Any one spot the mistake in the comment no 7 ? , yep it’s 106 years not 116 .

  10. It is much like the attitude of Rocky Balboa, he gained an opportunity when no one else would give him one and when he gained the potential, he continued and performed at his best. You have to be strong, even when you feel weak, you have to keep going, keep striving, you will get there. Even if you dont win, you tried and doing your best is what it is all about. It aint about “being” it is about “doing”. To “be”. you have to “do”.

  11. shahram says:

    Jack johnson was real but rocky balboa was a fictitious character there is NO comparison and fight scenes in Rocky movie where there is no defence and almost every punch lands is a boxing parody , Here is a documentary part 1 of jack johnson’s life , much better than watching made up rubbish like coronation street or eastenders

  12. shahram says:

    Jack johnson died in 1946 when on a road trip , he stopped at a diner and they would not serve him because he was black , both angry and hungry he left driving too fast and went off the road and was killed minutes later .

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