LCU Cup Competitions

We’ve entered one team in each competition (Branagan, Killane and Brennan).  Here are our fixtures:

Branagan fixtures (Group A):

Monday 12-May-14 Phibsboro (away)

Monday 26-May-14 Dun Laoghaire (home)

Monday 09-Jun-14 Elm Mount (away)

Killane fixtures (Group B):

Monday 12-May-14 Elm Mount (away)

Monday 09-Jun-14 Skerries (home)

William Brennan fixtues (Group A):

Saturday 10-May-14 Curragh (away)

Monday 19-May-14 Inchicore (home)

Monday 09-Jun-14  Phibsboro (home)

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10 Responses to LCU Cup Competitions

  1. Good luck to everyone and please remember to drink fluids during the practice and tournament sessions. Remember too that food is important, have some energy bars when possible and fruit as well.

  2. shahram says:

    Yes, moderator here could do with some energy bars so can his job of blocking spammers , John deveraux please tell us about yourself , your post and reason you come here.

  3. shahram says:

    There should be the word ” do ” between the words ” can ” & ” his ” in the above comment .

  4. shahram says:

    Not going to malahide as intermediate section is again packed with low rated players well below advertised floor and to cover this fact all under 1400’s had their rating pushed up by organizers !! .

    It was really a waste of tweet to mention after couple of rounds that I was leading in senior section specially when I am so humble & bashful .

  5. shahram says:

    OH NO ! , I just read the tweet again and the very remote possibility of me winning this competition just came to my mind, I tell you this . it will be a DISASTER for the club ! , me walking up and down in the club with a big grin on my face and telling people not to argue with the club champion ! , also in tournaments when people ask my name ,I’ll be telling them it is too hard to pronounce and they can just call me rathmines chess champion ! and when the league comes around ,I’ll be asking what board in armstrong is a club champion should be playing at ?! . Yes, I urge my opponents in remaining rounds to do their best to stop this too horrible to think about scenario happening and I shall help you by going for exotic openings which I am not familiar with , tweeting that I am in the lead after only 2 rounds is a good plan to jinx my chances , well done !.

  6. leon fagan says:

    oh shahram it is only round 1 so don’t get too excited.After all you still have to win it.remember shahram don’t count your money till the final card is dealt or you may end up with egg on your face and may have to eat humble pie.

  7. shahram says:

    Hi Leon

    Good to hear from you ,how are things ? ,It would be more comical if I ate the egg and got a pie in the face instead . I was just messing and I know I have little chance of winning this competition , what do you think of my next opponent & your prediction ?.your clubmates are keeping active , Mindagaus is playing in malahide and managed to beat our henry li today but henry is doing very well otherwise , The kid has amazing speed of thought and may very well be playing in armstrong next season ! , coming from board 4 of BEA ( same board I was stuck on) .Your monika is a popular coach at and charging very reasonable rates ,let her know 500 euro is top prize for ladies champion this summer .
    Are you recruiting for your club , schools etc ? cuz round tower need more numbers to be a established club .

    I tell you something , when a child prodigy does well in chess, everyone is happy but when a middle aged johnny come lately does well , not everyone is happy !.

  8. leon fagan says:

    keeping well shahram.just to clarify my last comment you can win the seniors but it is best to take one round at a time rather than make a bold statement after round 1.If your next opponent is abul you need to play very well i would predict maybe a draw but abul is very talented player and shows real genius in his playing relation to the last part of your comment you are correct a club does need numbers to establish itself but it is important to get the right people in and yes i’m working on recruitment along with my teammates.In the middle and bottom section i fancy one member of the Haque will top both sections.

  9. shahram says:

    Leon , All I said was ,that a premature rathmines tweet stating that one was on maximum points so early in the competition can make anyone think they are leading and can win it , as for my game against abul , I am confident I have the rating points in the bag !.

  10. shahram says:

    Well done to John aherne & the most talented rathminor = Henry li for good performance in malahide.

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