More Success For Juniors

Maura Osborne reports:

Good news from the junior club, in Division 7, Novices league, The Rathmines Juniors, Stephen Higgins, Alex Mulligan, Eoin Hunter, Cillian and Ciara Scallan came second in the O’Connell Cup which was held on Sunday 18th of May in ALSAA. St Benildus came first. In the Rising Stars team event our junior team of , Illona, Melina, Cathal, Gerry and Nedas were the winners of the Phillip Hogarty Rising Stars for 2014.

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9 Responses to More Success For Juniors

  1. shahram says:

    It’s good to see so many rathminors in the pipeline , credit must be given to james osborne for his good work with juniors ,I think he should run for the job of ” ICU junior officer ” , we need a gentleman with integrity like him for this important job .

  2. shahram says:

    Yes ,it is imperative that junior officer is someone who is mentally balanced .

  3. shahram says:

    Just looking at the irish championship in july , on entry form it states ( seniors,intermediates,juniors and ladies ) sections are ONLY open to those who are in IRELAND federation and then I look at the entrant list and in intermediate section there is one entrant only and he is English federation ! ,also there is NO contact info on the form ( email or telephone ) !.

  4. shahram says:

    Irish chess championship entry FARCE continues , .If you are male and aged between 18 – 60 , you are second class citizen and get punished , pay double entrance fee for some unknown reason, imagine if roles were reversed—> MAJOR UPROAR ( politicians, rte , courts would be involved ) , in fairness ladies pay the same as men but they can enter ladies section where with low numbers and low standard ( if I was a woman I would be the 3rd highest rated woman in the country ! ) easy to get a good cash reward.
    Mysteriously ,(those with fide rated above 1850) has been added to the entry form as to allow a player who has an icu rating of only 1672 to enter senior section .ICU rating should be the prime number used and fide rating only when no icu rating is available as many players have far higher rated fide rating. I tell you some players are chancers and they know it and enter higher section ( thanks to feeble minded controllers ) which they know they shouldn’t be in hoping for a few draws to pick up some points and artificially keep their rating high .
    I am sensitive to rating issues because the GREATEST INJUSTICE in rating history was committed against me , for playing a handful of games over a few months period in 1992 I was wrongfully given a k factor of 24 instead of 32 and denied bonus points which resulted in me losing tons of points , otherwise I would have been able to play in the senior championship this summer .

  5. shahram says:

    I usually choose my chess opening based on my opponents appearance !. Here a photo taken in 1976 currently on icu website under heading ” correction ”

    ok lets start from back row ( left to right )
    first man in a dark suit , well dressed , to him his public image and what people think about him is very important and always thinks before he speaks and when playing chess he goes for routine openings and shies away from exotic opening , this is the kind of guy you want to scare with exotic opening as he will spend alot of time thinking to make right move and gets into time trouble .
    The man next to him is exact opposite , first you notice his tie is pushed forward and to the side which means someone else tightened the knot ? wife for him, this man loves gambits , his pint and sharp openings , so you play exact opposite and go for routine openings and wait for him to blunder ,,,, ok , I am tired lets shorten this , next guy is Denis Dempsey and you notice that he is the only one not facing the camera and has his eyes closed , see he hates flash photography and originally the photographer was in the centre about to take the picture and Denis closed his eyes but photographer looking through camera didn’t want empty furniture on the right in the photo and thought better to move to the right and take the photo at an angle and get the wall with paintings on the background instead and Denis didn’t realise photographer had moved , next man is tom collins , i played with him once and he also missed a mate in one but realised after a couple of minutes and tried to keep a poker face and immaturely I waited a few more minutes before playing the move . TEN times so far during rated games this has happened to me ( 2 from rathmines and 8 outsiders ) thanks to my use of diversion .When i was a kid I wanted to be a police detective ,,,,,,, tired… I;m going

  6. shahram says:

    SCAM AT ENNIS OPEN 2014 !! .

    This morning I went to check the ennis open results after round 1 to see what happened as our john aherne is playing in it and something caught my eye , in front of the game result between Rory quinn vs paddy quinlan,it states the pair did not play and at the bottom of results page it states rory quinn lost by default , but on ennis blog rory explaines he was losing the game ( a pawn down ) when his mobile phone went off but the controllers looking after their local boy didn’t want rory to get hammered for rating points and called it a default and only awarded the point to paddy , so the game won’t be rated !, I lost a game once because my phone went off with rating points . So anyone who is losing their game in ennis open can now turn on their phone and make it bleep and only lose the match point and won’t get hit for rating points !. SCAM !

  7. shahram says:

    Rory even states in his blog that the game won’t be rated ,rating officer and icu excutive should be informed immediately.

  8. shahram says:

    Here is the link for ennis open , you have to click on pairings round 1 on top of the page to see the result , I think I go drink a glass of cold milk to calm down after this OUTRAGE !.

  9. shahram says:

    btw , wordpress has not changed the clock and the timing on my post is one hour behind actual time I posted above comments . I go out get breakfast , bye , have a nice day

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