Paul Mogerley Memorial Team Tournament 2014 * dates changed *

Now that the club championships are coming to a close, it’s time to get the summer team tournament under way. The tournament was initiated a few years back to honour the memory of past member Paul Mogerley.

Teams will consist of 3 club members: 1 senior, 1 intermediate and 1 junior. Teams will be selected by the controller to be of roughly equal aggregate strength. Substitutes are allowed and must be of roughly equal strength to the player substituted.

This is a tournament of four rounds. Games to be played on four consecutive Thursdays, beginning on June 12th. Postponements to be played on the following Monday. Rate of play is all moves in 90mins.

Games are not graded but will be entered in the club ladder competition. There is no entrance fee and no prizes other than the honour of winning.

Those wishing to enter can pen their name to the notice in the club or reply to this post.

Any further information is available from the controller, John Maher.

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9 Responses to Paul Mogerley Memorial Team Tournament 2014 * dates changed *

  1. Best of luck to everyone.

  2. shahram says:

    Oh NO ! , putin’s dog (kirsan ) is to visit ireland according to icu website ,same guy that claims he was abducted by aliens ! .I think based on EU sanctions on russia this character should be denied entry , a man who supports dictators and shook hands with guys like saddam & gaddafi. icu statements states his stay is too short to socialise with icu members which is laughable , who would want to socialise with this lunatic ? . anyway he will be staying at russian embassy ,no doubt . Irish intelligence ( G2 ) unit should be on high alert and closely monitor kirsan’s movements.

  3. shahram says:

    I urge ICU executive members with a conscience NOT to meet or shake kirsan’s hand .

  4. shahram says:

    Justice delivered in ennis congress ! ,I emailed rating officer notifying him about the shenanigans with mobile phone over there on saturday morning and he forwarded my email to arbiter and I stated in email if this becomes the norm , then any player who is losing on the board can turn on their phone and lose by default only and have game not rated.The arbiter replied by stating that since this was not a fide rated event it was at the discretion the arbiter and he put the final game position into engine and paddy was ahead by +0.76 points . he will let rating officer have a big say whether it is rated or not and the game was rated , neither party is known to me but that’s why I am a HERO , who helping strangers and underdogs get justice .

    P.S . I better start learn minding my own business and also never go to prison as a snitch like me won’t last long there ! .

  5. shahram says:

    My grammar in the last few lines in the above comment is terrible !.

  6. shahram says:

    I have opened a facebook account but don’t know what to do next?, is it essential to have friends on facebook ? how to deal with cyberbullies ? how do I close this account ?

  7. shahram says:

    Too much on my mind this week , so many problems and bad news , you really need a clear mind to be able to play well in chess , that’s why kids do well in chess , fresh minds and no responsibilities , I am brain scattered currently and don’t know why I am going to drogheda to play this weekend except that I said I would , bet it will be sunny and warm this weekend, typical of my luck , I went to malahide last year and the year before and it was beautiful and warm while I was playing and I was saying to myself I should be outdoors and not playing chess and this year I did not go and rained all the time .some people have NO luck

  8. shahram says:

    I would like to play in mogerely competition but currently feel physically & mentally in a weak state and not in shape , so I can either play in junior or intermediate section.

  9. David Goggins says:

    You can put my name down for this. I badly need the practice 😦

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