Club Champs 2014 – Round 6 Pairings, Round 5 Results and Standings

Round 6 Pairings – Thursday 29-May-14 (unless otherwise noted):

Group A (1500+)
No Name               Result   Name            
1 Nikrow, S (10)        :     Lynch, P (12)   
2 Goggins, D (4)        :     Mulligan, S (2) 
3 Doyle, P (6)          :     Skrzypnik, T (3) * postponed
4 Kalam, A (1)          :     Burke, J (8)    
5 McEvoy, P (9)         :     Killane, J (5)  
6 Bermingham, T (7)     :     Scallan, F (11) * postponed
Group B (1200 – 1599)
No Name                     Result   Name                    
1 Li, H (2)                   :     Muhtarim Ul Haque,  (12)
2 Collins, K (13)             :     Scallan, N (6)           * postponed
3 Mustakim Ul Haque,  (5)     :     Corcoran, J (1)         
4 O’Brien, P (8)              :     Pierce, N (4)            * postponed
5 McGrath, A (11)             :     Coman, L (7)            
6 Flood, J (9)                :     Freer, P (3)    
postponed games
Group A – R5 Mulligan, S (2)       :     Nikrow, S (10)
Group B – R3 Coman, L (7)        :     Corcoran, J (1)         
Group B – R4 Scallan, N (6)               :     Li, H (2)      
Group B – R4 Pierce, N (4)                :     Collins, K (13)

Standings after Round 5 (excluding postponed games):

Group A (1500+)
Place Name              Loc  Score
  1   Nikrow, Shahram   1660 3.5
 2-3  Skrzypnik, Tomasz 1785 3
      Mulligan, Scott   1819 3
 4-8  McEvoy, Pat       1662 2.5
      Lynch, Peter      1479 2.5
      Burke, James      1672 2.5
      Kalam, Abul       1842 2.5
      Doyle, Philip     1735 2.5
9-10  Scallan, Fiachra  1489 2
      Goggins, David    1760 2
11-12 Bermingham, Tony  1717 1.5
      Killane, Jack     1747 1.5
Group B (1200 – 1599)
Place Name                Loc  Score
  1   Li, Henry           1404 4
 2-3  Scallan, Nick       1301 3
      Mustakim Ul Haque,  1322 3
 4-6  Collins, Kevin      1148 2.5
      Muhtarim Ul Haque,  1177 2.5
      Freer, Pat          1387 2.5
 7-9  Pierce, Nicky       1346 2
      Corcoran, John      1428 2
      O’Brien, Pat        1268 2
10-11 Coman, Liam         1291 1.5
      McGrath, Andrew     1180 1.5
 12   Flood, Joe          1250 1
 13   Byrne, Ciaran       1243 0.5

Round 5 Results:

Group A (1500+)
No Name               Result   Name          
1 Mulligan, S (2)   P – P Nikrow, S (10)
2 Skrzypnik, T (3)  1 – 0 McEvoy, P (9) 
3 Lynch, P (12)     1 – 0 Burke, J (8)  
4 Killane, J (5)    0 – 1 Kalam, A (1)  
5 Scallan, F (11)   0.5 – 0.5 Goggins, D (4)
6 Bermingham, T (7) 0 – 1 Doyle, P (6)
Group B (1200 – 1599)
No Name             Result   Name                    
1 Corcoran, J (1) 0 – 1 Li, H (2)               
2 Freer, P (3)    1 – 0 Scallan, N (6)          
3 Pierce, N (4)   0 – 1 Mustakim Ul Haque,  (5) 
4 O’Brien, P (8)  0 – 1 Collins, K (13)         
5 McGrath, A (11) 0 – 1 Muhtarim Ul Haque,  (12)
6 Coman, L (7)    0.5 – 0.5 Flood, J (9)  
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13 Responses to Club Champs 2014 – Round 6 Pairings, Round 5 Results and Standings

  1. leon fagan says:

    shahram still on board 1 after round 5 i’m well impressed.shahram as club champion now that has a nice ring to it.

  2. shahram says:

    Hi leon , I am surprised to find you here , I thought you’ll be in the kitchen cooking those humble pies you promised me ? . I’ll be playing peter lynch tonight ( my 5th round ) while most players finish tonight I think, my game with scot has been postponed for ? a few weeks as he needs time for preparation as how to deal with my nimzo -indian defence . Thanks for being impressed with me , I think you’ll be even more impressed next year when May 2015 rating comes out and find that I am rated higher than you ! 😉 .

  3. leon fagan says:

    shahram rating is not everything performance is.As for me cooking you humble pie i may have to give you some pies if you mess up against peter or scott and fail to win the cup.

  4. shahram says:

    Going to Drogheda chess thingy ,don’t feel like going , driving back and forth to dublin , pain in the neck , why can’t i make good judgments ?!

  5. shahram says:

    As I expected , no sign of missing malaysian airline ,I was at a dinner party few weeks ago and as I am known as ” The detective ” I was asked to give my opinion as what happened to flight MH370 and I thought I share my wisdom here .
    I believe the older pilot ( zaharie )was responsible
    some FACTS: 1. The older pilot was a member of opposition party to the current government of malaysia and was in court the day before flight went missing where a close friend and a leader of opposition party was sent to jail for 5 years for immoral behaviour . 2. zaharie marriage was on the rocks as his wife admitted even that they were living in the same house . 3. zaharie had a flight simulator at home with several airports including the tiny island of diego garcia airport where the secretive american military base is located in it’s software .4. residents in a remote island of maldives are woken up few hours after the flight goes missing by a sound of a low flying passenger plane passing over their island heading south ( towards diego garcia ) 5. satellite data suggests plan went down in south indian ocean 6. chinese , austarlian and british vessels pick up pings at 37.5 khz frequency at 4 different location far apart in south indian ocean which we are told can only be from blackbox recorder and this frequency is not emitted from nature .so let me paint a picture of what i think happened.

    The older pilot zaharie angry with government and state of his marriage decides to pull a publicity stunt to embarrass the malaysian government , once the flight takes off ,he waits for his co pilot to leave the cabin ? to go to loo and he locks the cockpit from inside and changes direction towards the island of diego garcia where he plans to land the plane knowing it will make major headline news around the world and to use the publicity against malaysian government and also where he will seek asylum and doesn’t care if he goes to prison , but trigger happy americans mindful of sept 11 attack see the approaching plane as a terrorist attack and shoot it down , but realise the huge negative global impact it will have on usa in china ( most passengers were chinese ) and parts of the world , decide to use diversion ( which I am a master of ! ) to cover what happened , so they analyze satelite data and suggest the plane went far south into the indian ocean and to ensure a wild goose chase , a US plane flies over the area and drops several radio transmitter which emit signals at 37.5 khz ( same as blackbox ) to fool the searchers to kee[ searching in the wrong area , so I believe the plane was shot down somewhere just north of island of diego garcia.

  6. shahram says:

    playing in drogheda , will give report tomorrow night ,playing current irish chess champion in the morning at 9 am (according to drogheda website) which is great because the venue is 20 meters from my room on the way to dinning hall , so i go there at 9 am ,press the clock and go to breakfast and come back around same time he shows up.

  7. shahram says:

    yep , finished Drogheda with 3 wins , 2 losses and one travelling bye , both lost games were from winning position , in one game engine had me close to double digit ahead and mate not far away and was waiting for opponent to resign when I moved the rook instead of the knight and lost my queen and the game ! and against colm daly was in winning position close to 3 points ahead on evaluation and blundered , I am going to send that game and another to be posted here , going to bed now ,good night john boy , good night john boy , good night mary ellen , good night jim bob ,

  8. shahram says:

    I am just posting these games as someone in the club has asked me several times to post more games ( he also asked me to never mention his name on the blog here , hush ! ) and also the fact that it was with the current irish champion and as usual with my lost games I lost from a winning position, no plans to make this a habit .

  9. shahram says:

    can the moderator here please switch places between above comments 8 & 9 ?

  10. shahram says:

    OK ! , These are my recommendations

    1.Rathmines club championship: Entrants be divided to 3 groups based on rating which will create much fairer , flexible and balanced competition, raises floor for senior section which will encourage highest rated players entering competition and stops chancers playing up ,also to encourage further participation those playing in club championship should be given 50 points lift on board position in the following leinster league competition.number of woody prizes should be cut from 9 to 3 .

    2. Paul mogerley memorial : This should be a round robin rated competition instead of current form of artificial team creation where there is really no team as everyone playing for themselves , and DO NOT forget that henry li should be invited to play in the senior section , when under 1500’s were allowed in senior section I asked for him to be allowed to play up as well but was ignored as usual.

    3.As I believe in life before death ,It would be nice if some of the competitions were named after living and dedicated long serving members of the club whom we are certain are able to appreciate the good gesture.

    As my thought processes are far advanced of the current living generation on earth ,I have come to the conclusion that my brain is a great example of genetic mutation and how future generations will think , yes me being born in 1968 is like Albert einstein being born same year as battle of Lepanto !.

  11. shahram says:

    Forgot ,one more recommendation ( my memory is like a fish and from stone age ) regarding next season leinster league

    DO NOT create a good and bad heidenfeld team , both teams should be of equal strength and their tasks is to stay in the division , have fun and provide pool of subs for armstrong . ok I am finished recommending stuff for a while. bye

  12. shahram ( stabs ) says:

    Yes, while I was in Drogheda I asked a gonzaga player about killian delaney and as I expected he is NOT coming back , I said that last xmas when he didn’t turn up for blitz while everyone else was saying he will come back, he was our club star but NOT to worry a new club star is in making ( I’m too shy& humble to mention his name !).
    In Drogheda there were 4 juniors in senior section , 2 were rated over 1600 and did okay but other 2 were well rated below 1600 and did BADLY ,( one got full bye point otherwise both would have been in bottom 3), organizers should STOP letting juniors hopping the fence , The problem is that almost all juniors that look in the chess mirror see a lion cub but they are nearly all kitten , there is only one lion cub for every 50-100 chess playing kitten .People look at lets say a 10 year old and nearly all say , oh in a couple of years he will be alot stronger player but in a lot of cases this does not happen and the kids drops out of competition after a period of frustration making little headway in ratings but when they look at a geriatric prodigy like me they find it hard to imagine that someone my age is getting stronger as a chess player month after month ,My last opponent in drogheda was a junior and his dad told me he is going to glorney cup in scotland to represent ireland this summer, and I said to him this is TOTAL waste of time & money , if this was a major prestigious even like european or world youth championship ,fair enough , GO ,but to go to scotland to play some english or scottish kid with similar rating for what ? , you could play opponents over here , in a few years no one is going to remember or care who played in glorney or jessica cup .

  13. shahram ( stabs ) says:

    Yes , you’ve probably noticed in the comment above I have given myself the chess title ( STABS ) after my name and it has to do with a nearby club , solve the puzzle please .

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