Club Champs 2014 – R6 results, standings and postponed games

Rathmines Club Championships 2014

In Group A, Shahram can be caught only if Scott wins their postponed game.  

In Group B, Henry Li can be caught only if Nick Scallan wins both of his postponed games.

There’ll be a play-off (rapid, unrated) if either catches up.

Group C is already finished.  Mahfuz Ul Haque is the champion.

Standings after Round 6: (excluding postponed games, as of 04-Jun-14)

Group A (1500+)
Place Name              Loc  Score
1 Nikrow, Shahram   1660 4.5
 2-3  Mulligan, Scott   1819 3.5
      Kalam, Abul       1842 3.5
4 Skrzypnik, Tomasz 1785 3
5 – 10 Lynch, Peter      1479 2.5
      McEvoy, Pat       1662 2.5
      Goggins, David    1760 2.5
      Burke, James      1672 2.5
      Killane, Jack     1747 2.5
      Doyle, Philip     1735 2.5
11 Scallan, Fiachra  1489 2
12 Bermingham, Tony  1717 1.5
Group B (1200 – 1599)
Place Name                Loc  Score
  1   Li, Henry           1404 5
 2-5  Scallan, Nick       1301 3
      Mustakim Ul Haque,  1322 3
      Corcoran, John      1428 3
      Freer, Pat          1387 3
 6-8  Muhtarim Ul Haque,  1177 2.5
      Coman, Liam         1291 2.5
      Collins, Kevin      1148 2.5
9-10  Pierce, Nicky       1346 2
      O’Brien, Pat        1268 2
11-12 Flood, Joe          1250 1.5
      McGrath, Andrew     1180 1.5
 13   Byrne, Ciaran       1243 0.5

Postponed games to be played as of 04-Jun-14: 

Group A (1500+)
R5 Mulligan, S (2)       :     Nikrow, S (10)
R6 Doyle, P (6)          :     Skrzypnik, T (3) 05-Jun-14
R6 Bermingham, T (7)     :     Scallan, F (11)
Group B (1200 – 1599)
R3 Coman, L (7)        :     Corcoran, J (1)          05-Jun-14
R4 Scallan, N (6)               :     Li, H (2)      
R4 Pierce, N (4)                :     Collins, K (13)
R6 Collins, K (13)             :     Scallan, N (6)          
R6 O’Brien, P (8)              :     Pierce, N (4)            05-Jun-14
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6 Responses to Club Champs 2014 – R6 results, standings and postponed games

  1. shahram ( stabs ) says:

    Just looking at ICU website , top article is about junior competition in sterling scotland , dunno why this competition is not held in London where kids and family can enjoy wide range of tourist activities while not playing chess instead of deciphering scottish accent ? .

    Drogheda congress report , which can fit on the back of a postage stamp is wrong about whose results stands above the rest in the competition , it is CARL JACKSON.

    The acting in blindfold video of blitz game between ex icu chairman and irelands only gm 5 minutes vs 6 minutes is so fake ,

  2. shahram says:

    Yes , tomorrow I will send couple of annotated games from my recent Drogheda tournament including one with colm daly ( where I threw away a winning game )to be posted here for educational purposes so people can learn some chess stuff. Drogheda tournament was nice and so were the organizers .It would be nice after I have made the effort of posting these games , at least couple of people make an effort thanking me here and not like the last time when it was like silence of the lambs.I tell you I am done posting games here for a very long time , dunno why others don’t do it.

  3. shahram says:

    Going to elm mount tomorrow to play branagan , please let my opponent know I’ll be late as I finish work at 7 pm in ranelagh and also that I am not in a mood to lose tomorrow after Drogheda debacle , I have emailed my games to michael , where is branagan result page ? .Its sad that in internet age people have to wait days and sometimes weeks to find where they and others stand in the league and cup games , due to lack of a proper and prompt reporting structure.

  4. shahram says:

    Yes . 7 pm is late finishing work , hoping to change that to 6:30 pm in future.

  5. shahram says:

    The article on icu about GM baburin upcoming blindfold simuli is so MISLEADING .First the title of irelands best player can be disputed , sam collins is rated higher than baburin and also baburin is not the current irish champion. second , the article states he will be playing against 16 of ireland’s BEST chest players , again another misleading quote ,I doubt that will happen .
    Players are asked to dressed formally as this event is held in the remembrance of chess master zukertort visit to Dublin 135 years ago and supposed to be a re-enactment , then why there are 16 players playing and not 12 as zukertort did ? , you don’t do re-enactment & try to honour someone by upstaging them .

    P.S please note I have great respect for gm baburin and would be amazing if he can play blindfold against 16 players , I am just saying

    here is icu article

  6. shahram says:

    YES ! . ICU will vote for kasparov and NOT the evil kirsan. I am happy even though kirsan will very likely win the vote at the end ,same way Qatar won the 2022 fifa world cup by buying votes with $$$$ ! .

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