Henry Li wins Club Champs Group B (1200-1599)

Congratulations to Henry Li on winning the Rathmines Club Championships Group B (1200-1599) with a perfect score of 6/6.  John Corcoran on 4/6 is the runner-up on tie-break from Kevin Collins.  Here are the final standings:

Final Standings (all games now played)
Group B (1200 – 1599)
Place Name                Loc  Score
1 Li, Henry           1404 6
 2-3  Corcoran, John      1428 4
      Collins, Kevin      1148 4
 4-7  Scallan, Nick       1301 3
      Mustakim Ul Haque,  1322 3
      Pierce, Nicky       1346 3
      Freer, Pat          1387 3
8-10 Muhtarim Ul Haque,  1177 2.5
      O’Brien, Pat        1268 2.5
      Coman, Liam         1291 2.5
11-12 Flood, Joe          1250 1.5
      McGrath, Andrew     1180 1.5
13 Byrne, Ciaran       1243 0.5
Group A (1500+) (note 2 postponed games remaining)
Place Name              Loc  Score
1 Nikrow, Shahram   1660 4.5
 2-4  Skrzypnik, Tomasz 1785 3.5
      Mulligan, Scott   1819 3.5
      Kalam, Abul       1842 3.5
5 Doyle, Philip     1735 3
6-10 Lynch, Peter      1479 2.5
      McEvoy, Pat       1662 2.5
      Burke, James      1672 2.5
      Goggins, David    1760 2.5
      Killane, Jack     1747 2.5
11 Scallan, Fiachra  1489 2
12 Bermingham, Tony  1717 1.5

Postponed games as of 15-Jun-14:

Group A (1500+) result
R5 Mulligan, S (2)       :     Nikrow, S (10) T.B.A
R6 Doyle, P (6)      0.5 – 0.5 Skrzypnik, T (3) 12-Jun-14
R6 Bermingham, T (7)     :     Scallan, F (11) 16-Jun-14
Group B (1200 – 1599) result
R3 Coman, L (7)    0 – 1 Corcoran, J (1)          05-Jun-14
R4 Scallan, N (6)           0 – 1 Li, H (2)       12-Jun-14
R4 Pierce, N (4)            0.5 – 0.5 Collins, K (13) 12-Jun-14
R6 Collins, K (13)         1 – 0 Scallan, N (6)           09-Jun-14
R6 O’Brien, P (8)          0.5 – 0.5 Pierce, N (4)            05-Jun-14
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3 Responses to Henry Li wins Club Champs Group B (1200-1599)

  1. shahram says:

    Yes , well done to henry li .perfect 6/6 which meant he was too strong for this section , I did recommend that he should be allowed to play in the senior section once couple of other under 1500’s were allowed in but to no avail .

    Let me tell you why I made the recommendation .As everyone knows I have a great ability in analyzing and undestaning players , tables . etc , It was late last year I was in the club and playing blitz with a clubmate ( who has asked me to never mention his name on the blog !) and henry li was playing a match and finished early and he came over watching our game and my opponent got up and asked henry to take his place and I played with this kid for about 20 minutes until his parent arrived .Nick scallan later asked me about my assessment of henry and this what I said : ” Very talented kid and amazing speed of thought ,only problem was that he was too aggressive on the board and this strategy has worked for him so far against lower rated players and giving him positive feedback but against a stronger player like me who defends more accurately once his attack runs out of steam he gets punished for lack of development on the board and he needs to get burn in a few game to understand this and adjust his game and next year he either be playing heidenfeld or armstrong and you never know one day he may become so strong that we have call him king henry ! .

    Ok , I will give a small lecture about coaching kids ,

    Many chess coaches are CLUELESS !!. I see them in tournaments , if jimmy or tommy wins they come over smiling and say well done to the kid and that’s it and when the kid loses they say ok lets look at your game and see where you went wrong , They ignore the fact that most of the games the kid has won was because his/her opponent played even more rubbish than the kid did and alot of these won games need analyzing and going over as much as the lost games .3 months ago article was written in icu about a kid who gave a simuli and beat 14 players and same one comes to senior section in Drogheda and ends second last . Neither event should have taken place . Kids should not be exposed to this emotional roller coaster .

    The problems kids have during a chess game

    1. they are full of energy and it’s not in their nature to sit down for prolonged period . It is best to have a kid run around alot before games so as they are tired and will sit down during the game .this is also good to prevent childhood obesity

    2. Kids are impatient and play too fast , I think in initial stages it is best to get the kid to record his time left on the score sheet after each move and importance of spending time thinking be drilled into him .

    3. some kids have difficulty understanding difference between perceived and real threats on board and have knee jerk reaction to threats ,that’s why i play differently against a junior and an adult .

  2. mjdkennedy says:

    Well done Henry! One thing that impressed me watching the games was his expert handling of completely different styles of chess. For example, we saw a daring sacrificial attack in one game followed by calm, patient positional play in the next. On the one hand, no sentimental attachment to material. On the other hand, no fear of trench warfare against a veteran on his own turf.

  3. shahram says:

    Perhaps michael you could post couple of henry’s games , lets not forget to congratulate fiachra scallan who did very well in galway rapid according to rathmines junior website including beating your last opponent ciaran quinn over there , btw , rathmines junir website link here is wrong , it is now http://rathminesjuniorchessclub.com/

    it is an amazing website because last article there was posted on 11/6 /2014 and congratulated fiachra for doing so well in galway rapid which was held 3 days later on the 14th of june !! wow , talk about power of prediction.

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