Killane and Brennan teams advance in LCU Cup Competitions

The club entered a team in each of the Leinster Cup competitions this year.  Well done to the Killane (Div.3 and lower) and William Brennan (U-1500) teams on qualifying for the knock-out stages.

The William Brennan team had wins against the Curragh (3.5-2.5) and Inchicore (3.5-2.5), followed by a (2.5-3.5) loss to Phibsboro.

The Branagan (Div.1&2) team was less successful losing all three against Phibsboro (0-6), Elm Mount (2-4) and Dun Laoghaire (1.5-4.5).  Highlights though were Abul Kalam’s win over David Fitzsimons (2282) and Tomasz Skrzypnik’s win against Adam Spirek (2032).

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33 Responses to Killane and Brennan teams advance in LCU Cup Competitions

  1. shahram says:

    I have NO LUCK ! , 3 articles get released on this website almost simultaneous and the article about my games is the bottom one .

  2. shahram says:

    I am done posting here for a while , so tiring .

  3. shahram says:

    I just checked my email and still NO email from scot mulligan’s dad ! , I was asked to delay playing the deciding round of the competition by 3 weeks and I would be emailed shortly, but now it is well over 3 weeks ( closer to 4 weeks ) has passed and no date has been set. Could scot’s dad please let me know here what is happening ? before I develop alzheimers or die from natural or unnatural causes !.

  4. shahram says:

    I am happy that fide president Kirsan came to ireland! ,Obviously someone contacted him and told him his presence here could sway the vote for him , he did come and within a few days Icu announced that they are voting for kasparov which left kirsan and who ever invited him to come here HUMILIATED 😉

  5. shahram says:

    Having gone all the way to play in bunratty and Drogheda this year, I was looking forward to play in irish championship intermediate section in trinity college which is walking distance from my house but alas , the section which is supposed to be 1500-1900 section is now filling up with 1400 rated chancers , i don’t know why organizers bother setting rating limits and then totally ignoring the boundaries ? , I can’t see then why I should not be able to play in junior section where good chance I win some money or even ladies section ?!.

  6. shahram says:

    Chess can be cruel ! , Was playing james burke last week in mogerely competition , my rook movements was severely restricted and it was getting worse thanks to my opponents hard work on the board and finally time is ripe for his king to close in and capture that unfortunate piece and suddenly out of nowhere my rook’s twin arrives to deliver checkmate !, sometimes a player is so focused on a target and what he can do to his opponent that they forget what the opponent can do to him , strangely when you checkmate someone who did not see a mate in one , they break out laughing immediately instead of crying !.

  7. shahram says:

    I don’t know if I should bother playing in bray rapid next week ? . I played there in the last 2 years but they don’t seem to learn from their mistakes , both years they were disorganized and pairing had to be done several times due to latecomers and mistakes , they also put chess boards so close to each other that there is little room to put your pieces down and people pressing each others clock by mistake ( humans are NOT sardines ), They also publish no results . In contrast Dunlaghaoire is much better . more room , fewer players , more civil and they do publish rapid result .

  8. shahram says:

    Good news ! , I got scots dad number and text him and my game against scot mulligan would be on june 30th , he needs to win to draw level , then there would be a rapid game play off , to be honest rapid play off should only occur if joint first did not play against each other or their game in competition was a draw , just like other tournaments .

    Irish championship , why did they increase prizes for senior section ? 1000 euro is good enough for 1st place , if couple of people would only play if there was more money , let them sit at home and watch football, 500 euro increase in 1st place prize could have been better spent , 50 people could have got 110 euro off entry fee .I agree with kids getting half price discount for entry competition but should NOT apply to those kids who want to play up , let them pay for it , also silly to have %50 off for over 60 year olds .

    Looking at irish championship junior section i am expecting a controversial figure to appear there ( not mentioning any names ).

  9. shahram says:

    In above comment , it should read 50 people get 10 euro off each not 110 euro ( cheap keyboard)

  10. shahram says:

    On 30th May I wrote about missing malaysian airline as you can read in link below ( comment 5 ) and yesterday this news was finally released by malaysian authorities , although they refused to name the island my comment in May stated it is island of diego garcia

  11. shahram says:

    Forgot to praise myself for being spot on several weeks before malaysian report came out , ( this also should be part of comment 10 )

  12. shahram ( stabs ) says:

    Just checking and under the heading of LCU AGM it has a link which takes you to st benildus website about new rules for league next year , apparently the clock is changing from 2 hours and it will be 90 minutes + 30 seconds from now , which is a THOUGHTLESS and CLUELESS decision !, yes I have a car and does not effect me but many players rely on public transport and with 30 seconds increments , games can go on for 5-6 hours and how some players are supposed to get back home ?, I do agree with increments and 1:50 min + 10 seconds is alot better .

    Funny story , last time I went to read an article on st benildus website was about 2 months ago just after malahide competition I missed the competition this year so went to see anything interesting happened in the tournament and also as our henry li was beaten by a benildus player to see any mention of his name ( he did get a mention ,just )., Then I read this part which stated that one of benildues player ciaran ruane now wants to be called ” st benildus slayer slayer ” as he had beaten paddy divilly from longford who is known as ” st benildus slayer ” presumably as he has good record of beating higher rated benildus players , this part made me have a good long laugh .Let me explain, SEE , two&half years ago I went to benildus xmas blitz not knowing about the handicap structure and for the first time in my life I took part in a handicap competition even though I refused the handicap when it applied to me , still afterwards I was disgusted with myself for taking part in an unfair competition and not walking away and vowed to ALWAYS do my BEST against benildus players , as a result ,my chess profile is littered with defeated benildus players and I have NEVER been beaten by that club in a rated game , here some examples , it started with nicky benson when I was only rated 1140 , kevin burke in gonzaga , mariusz in bunratty and so called benildus slayer & slayer slayer were both beaten by me in the same competition !! ( Irish championship 2012 , intermediate section ) and I was much lower rated than all the names I have mentioned above ! , so perhaps I also deserve a chess title ? STABS ?

    ” Shahram The Authentic Benildus Slayer ” !

  13. shahram ( stabs ) says:

    Yes those who voted for 30 seconds increments should try getting home after midnight with public transport if they can find one, also some will need two buses to get home , one into the city first and one for home and with all the creeps you find that late in the streets one would have to ask himself if it is worth going to matches ?

  14. shahram says:

    playing scot tomorrow in a rapid playoff , monday game , I was up a pawn (doubled) engine had me with moderate advantage between – 0.6 & -0.9 points up for middlegame but then against my style I decided to sit back , keep it quiet and exchange pieces and go for a draw but handed the initiative to my opponent and a late blunder was all it took for me to lose , credit to Scot , he is confident and has improved alot over time ,

    Also please note , Benildus players are good people and behave much better than members of some other clubs I have seen ! ( won’t mention any names )

  15. shahram says:

    Going to irish championship on friday ( dunno why ?!) TOTAL LACK OF INFO , after 30th june supposed to be 20 euro extra to enter but after midnight monday night online entry is not available , NO email or phone is provided to contact any organizer, NO schedule for open weekender online, Location is given as trinity college and NO map is provided but goldsmith hall is in pearse street outside college compound at the back and you face a very long walk if entering front entrance .you have to bring your bank detail in case of winning a prize , yes it is a good idea not to bring thousands of euro of cash into Dublin city centre but would you trust your bank details and personal info with a chess organizer and hope they don’t fall into the wrong hands? why not use a CHEQUEBOOK ? or pay people back with paypal same way they paid in ? , I had great difficulty using paypal to pay this thing on the bunratty chess account.No info about pairings. several lucky low icu rated players (one under 1600 )are playing in senior section thanks to their high fide rating .

  16. shahram says:

    Things I do for this club is amazing ! ,here is a great example .I went down on friday night to play in the intermediate section weekender , 1st round suppose to start 7:30 pm and time control of 90 minutes + 30 secs but CLUELESS organizers had booked the hall without knowing the management closes the hall at 10 pm !! so time control was changed to 45 minutes + 10 seconds and to add to this farce , players were told if they did not want to play in round 1 they could get full point bye and total refund of their entry fee to the competition ! which is not fair to those playing round 1 . so I just withdrew from the competition all together giving my 1st round opponent fiachra scallan a full point so that he hopefully win a prize & meet strong opponents in further rounds . Looking at results today I realised all rathmines players had a bad 1st round and lost their games !!, abul,henryli , peter cook,tom butler sean & eoin hunter, so I informed the rating officer of rapid nature of 1st round and he emailed me back stating round 1 in junior& intermediate will neither be icu or fide rated .It is hard to think that anyone has done more for this club than I have.

  17. shahram says:

    Since round 1 will not be rated and only 4 rounds of weekender would be rated , If I am not mistaken ( I could be wrong ) to get bonus points you need to play in 5 rounds of a competition ,so no one will get bonus points which is good as I never got any bonus points EVER & got a k factor 24 UNJUSTLY !.

  18. shahram says:

    Getting sleepy good night .

  19. shahram says:

    Looks like we in couple of days we will have new irish champions in both men & women sections. ( ladies first ) In ladies section Monika gedvailte from clondalkin club has stepped into the ring very late , she will pay 20 euro extra late entry fee which indicates the decision to enter was a struggle for her , as I mentioned before she and current ladies champion are friends , but monika is teaching chess on and the title will boost her prestige but her prices make little sense $9 for 30 minutes of play but $25 for same 30 minutes of teaching !, you could get a English GM for almost one hour for what she charges for 30 minutes ,better to charge much less and have regular students .

    In Mens section it is between collins & jessel for the title , collins could always lose a game or have a couple of draws . No daly report by current champ yesterday , it is not easy when losing a major title , anyone would be upset but still have to put on a brave face in the public . stephen brady made a hash of a totally won position in the endgame which would be classic of what I usually would do , which gives me hope ! .

  20. shahram says:

    My guess is that the next report on current champ website will delete the words ” defending champ ” from the title ! .

  21. shahram says:

    My english is so bad , the above comment should read , ” My question is


  22. shahram ( stabs ) says:

    Entering irish championship was a gamble for me , my sept rating is going to be 1719 , being over 1700 is an important number as it allows me to play in glaway masters and have another bite at gonzaga masters too. I entered the intermediate section for the thrill , as I knew with so many 1400& 1500 rated players I could dip below 1700 and be denied these two tournaments later and was kicking myself for entering when I arrived at the venue but when time frame changed to 40 mins + 10 seconds it was a perfect excuse to get out ,The venue was poorly lit anyway .

    Having being right on previous two seasons about team selection , the question is that , will the club ask my advice for next season or not ? , Remember ,two seasons ago ,all armstrong & heidefeld teams were relegated when my advice was ignored and last season I had to fight hard to be in the ennis league and my talent not wasted in rathmines b heidenfeld and as a result we have two teams in heidenfeld and not one . I think next season I will chill out on board 1 of a heidenfeld team unless I am given an offer I can’t refuse ( at least 100 point lift on board selection ) and then I go to armstrong ,anyway I DESERVE the lift , because having being DISENFRANCHISED by No bonus points & low k factor , my actual rating drags well behind my TPR , my TPR in the last two tournaments has been around 1900 .

    As most of of my lost games has come from me in the winning position due to LAZINESS , COMPLACENCY, MENTAL FATIGUE , I have found a solution which I will post later today or tomorrow .Time for breakfast.

  23. leon fagan says:

    Shahram i have to say i love your information on this site but i have noticed in your comment on item 20 on this blog there are 3 mistakes in your comment firstly you misspelled monikas surname secondly monika plays for Round tower chess club which is in Clondalkin and thirdly her late entry had nothing to do with who the current womens champ is as monika always plays to win regardless of who she is playing friend or not.

  24. shahram says:

    Leon , Perhaps I deliberately misspelled her name and called it clondalkin club as I was bored and wanted to lure you into a response here ?!. Perhaps it would better to be called clondalkin chess club as those living in your area looking for a club will find it easier to find on icu webiste & google ? .Perhaps in comment 20 you mentioned above , I deliberately used the word ” we ” twice needlessly to give the appearance of bad grammar ? .Perhaps if your monika had paid her icu fees she would not be deprived of the irish women chess champion title ? ( just guessing , really what happened there ?).
    perhaps,perhaps,perhaps !

  25. shahram says:

    I am genuinely surprised of who became our new women chess champion which happens to be a lovely person, strangely enough, it is the same person whom last weekend came dead last in the intermediate section of irish chess championship !! . I think this ladies championship should be scrapped all together because it is just a FARCE !. Simply not enough quality female players in ireland to have a proper championship . Why do women get UNFAIR advantage in chess over men ? , 1200 rated players are given wcm title in ireland with no fide rating !! while an over 1700 rated late comer like me who is going from strength to strength has no fide title ? ( gcm , geriatric candidate master )would be nice , in Dunlaoighire rapid which I hope to go to , same as bray rapid there is a prize for best lady player which I think is pathetic , are organizers so desperate for female presence to pay cash for it ? . I remember I asked one organizer at the venue why there was a cash prize for ladies and he told me because so few women play , then I responded why not have one for ethnic minorities who are even rarer than women in these competitions ! .

  26. shahram says:

    Yes , The bad news about women championship was that only 9 players took part but the good news was that 4 of these ladies were rated high enough to be aware of en passant rule ! .

    Another display of sportsmanship by me to tonight , 10 days ago was supposed to be playing fiachra scallan in irish championship and after finding out that time frame would be 45 min + 10 seconds and needing to fry bigger fish in later tournaments, I pulled out leaving the kid disappointed,, after unexpectedly receiving an email from his dad about another issue I offered to play fiachra which has been accepted and will play him tonight , I tell you this , I’ve collected so many brownie points at this club if I could convert it to cash I’ll be a millionaire ! .

  27. shahram says:

    Despite Rating officer stating 1st round of junior & intermediate section will NOT be rated , it was rated ! even though below time limit for icu rating ,it would now be interesting if round one is fide rated as well next month , I think minimum possible for fide rating is 60 min + 30 secs ( provided no one is rated over 2200 ) , Lets hope fide never finds out or they think they are dealing with a banana republic ! .

  28. shahram ( stabs ) says:

    Perhaps Leon can shed some light on what happened in women championship , I was expecting monika to win it , although chance of an upset by the incumbent was always on the cards and quiet possible ,was a mobile phone or a blunder responsible for her defeat ? . the number of rounds was reduced to 4 but then 3 players got byes round 4 ! , one was due to odd number , but I thought no byes allowed last round ? , did the ex champ ask for the bye ? . If I have not mistaken , the champion & the player on the bottom of table are mother & daughter .

  29. shahram says:

    WOW !! , the 1st round on intermediate & and junior section will NOT count for rating purposes !! yes it has changed this evening ,as ALL rathmines players lost their first round games in the these 2 competitions ,it has helped rathmines players ratings as result. ICU has shown it has integrity & principles just like myself . WELL DONE !.

  30. shahram says:

    Yes ,rathmines players, if you have played in intermediate or junior section of irish championship ( all rathmines players lost their 1st round ! ) , please note that these events have been re-rated thanks to my efforts and if you check your live rating you may be pleasantly surprised !

  31. shahram says:

    GM baburin is a genius , watching live simuli chess as he plays against 16 players , they are playing for nearly 6 hours now , I questioned why not 12 players like zuketorte ( whatever that guys name is ) 135 years ago and putting needless strain on himself but now i see the strategy , he is waiting for participants to get tired and either have to quit as they have to catch the last bus home or fall sleep at their board . great strategy , well done !

  32. shahram says:

    Blindfold simuli was a dismal failure a I predicted ,if they had used 12 players not 16 as I had suggested , very good chance it would have succeeded and event would have finished early.Apparently they had to stop prematurely as it was midnight and venue was closing , must have been same organizer that booked the venue for irish championship , lack of foresight is incredible here .If icu needs ,I offer my services as advisory role , FREE of charge ,

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