Scott Mulligan crowned Rathmines Club Champion (Group A 1500+)

Congratulations to Scott Mulligan on becoming Rathmines Club Champion (Group A 1500+).  Scott edged out Shahram Nikrow in an exciting rapid play-off after both finished tied on 4.5/6.

Both can take credit for excellent performances.  Scott has become one of the youngest Rathmines Senior Club Champions in the 76 year history of the Freestone Cup.  He joins legends such as International Master Mark Quinn (1992) and 3-time Irish Senior Champ David Dunne (1974) in this achievement at such a young age.  Meanwhile, although Shahram led the tournament from start to finish only to fall at the final hurdle, he can’t be too disappointed with a 1921 performance and a gain of 44 rating points.

Here are the final standings:

Place Name Loc Score
 1-2 Nikrow, Shahram 1660 4.5
Mulligan, Scott 1819 4.5
 3-4 Skrzypnik, Tomasz 1785 3.5
Kalam, Abul 1842 3.5
5 Doyle, Philip 1735 3
6 – 11 Lynch, Peter 1479 2.5
McEvoy, Pat 1662 2.5
Goggins, David 1760 2.5
Scallan, Fiachra 1489 2.5
Burke, James 1672 2.5
Killane, Jack 1747 2.5
12 Bermingham, Tony 1717 2

Here’s the cross table:

No Name 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Kalam, Abul  7:D 10:L 11:D 12:D  5:W  8:W
2 Mulligan, Scott   : D  7:D 12:W  3:W 10:W  4:D
3 Skrzypnik, Tomasz  8:D 11:W 10:D  2:L  9:W  6:D
4 Goggins, David 10:L 12:D  7:D  5:D 11:D  2:D
5 Killane, Jack 11:D  8:L  6:D  4:D  1:L  9:W
6 Doyle, Philip 12:D  9:L  5:D 11:D  7:W  3:D
7 Bermingham, Tony  1:D  2:D  4:D  8:L  6:L 11:D
8 Burke, James  3:D  5:W  9:L  7:W 12:L  1:L
9 McEvoy, Pat   : D  6:W  8:W 10:L  3:L  5:L
10 Nikrow, Shahram  4:W  1:W  3:D  9:W  2:L 12:W
11 Scallan, Fiachra  5:D  3:L  1:D  6:D  4:D  7:D
12 Lynch, Peter  6:D  4:D  2:L  1:D  8:W 10:L
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4 Responses to Scott Mulligan crowned Rathmines Club Champion (Group A 1500+)

  1. shahram says:

    Having blitz nights in 3 consecutive weeks next month is a bit much , it would be nicer if 2 nights were rapid nights and one night was for blitz.

  2. shahram says:

    Ooops , Looks like I put the cart before the horse and made statement about blitz next month even before it is published .

  3. shahram says:

    No , I am NOT disappointed with the results of this competition as I was the lowest rated player who legitimately entered this competition and scot was one of the highest , there were couple of players rated lower than me in the competition but they illegally migrated from intermediate section to senior section and having extensive experience with immigration office over the years , I wanted them deported back to intermediate section but I was unsuccessful. What is disappointing in that UNFAIRLY I only got 44 points from 1921 rated performance over 6 games , if I was a junior with a k factor 40 & bonus points , I would have been thrown into stratosphere by rating officer but with k factor 24 and no bonus , I can only walk and not run .

  4. Darren says:

    Great Stuff Scott! Future Armstrong Board 1 without a doubt! 🙂

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