Kieran Cranny Blitz Grand Prix 2014

The dates for our annual, three-round Kieran Cranny Blitz Grand Prix competition are Mondays 18, 25 August 2014 and 01 September 2014.  Starts at 8pm.  All members are invited to take part.  Free entry.

The rules are simple: three rounds of nine games each. Everybody is in one draw. You can enter any individual round, even if you miss a round, but obviously you stand a much better chance of winning if you enter all three rounds. There are small trophies for the best combined scores in 3 rating bands. To enter just show up on the night.  Organised by Michael Kennedy.

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11 Responses to Kieran Cranny Blitz Grand Prix 2014

  1. shahram says:

    Three nights of blitz is simply an overkill ! . two nights is more than sufficient .A rapid competition played over 2 night just before start of league would be good .
    Strange that rathmines twitter suddenly started tweeting about chess olympiad so late in competition ?! ( wonder why ) . Yes I will be watching the main feature , women section ( Ireland v ethiopia ) today as I have been following our women team .I love seeing the engine analysis swinging between white winning to black winning back and forth like a yo-yo in some of their games and seeing so many pieces being publicly hanged. It is good fun & exciting !.,

  2. shahram says:

    I was going to tell what happened during my trip to british chess championship ,how nearly I drove over the cliff thanks to the rented car’s clutch switch engine & other events which caused me to missed rounds and how one of my opponents was taken out of tournament by arbiters after one round against me and how much I hated playing on live boards with no markings and found it very difficult to record my moves and made lots of errors but then realised this is rathmines chess club blog and not my personal blog , so I will give it a miss !.

  3. shahram ( stabs ) says:

    OK , since rathmines twitter is actively reporting on olympiad , to help the blog I will also give my report , here it goes

    Open section ;

    GM Baburin : is playing deep into lost positions , well beyond norm for titled players which shows disappointment and frustration at losing to far lower rated players which he was not expecting . Yes when a player is no spring chicken combined with lack of recent activity in tournaments , you lose sharpness in your games .

    sam collins got a raw deal , as the irish chess champion seeking to become a gm , he should have been on board 1 from day and currently on board 2 he is meeting players rated below him all the time and against iran where he would have met a gm rated well above him and get some points he was pulled out of the team and given a rest ! why ?. Perhaps someone does not want him to be a gm ? ,

    Women section :

    Good entertainment as usual , board 1 irish girls was leading by around 5 points today when she took a draw !! unlucky , ok I won’t say anymore about this section as I don’t want to get into trouble

    One thing I don’t understand , I did a little research and apparently women and men have the same level of ability when it comes to learning and playing chess ( which I agree with ) then why is women title has far lower bar than men ?! should they not be equally treated ? . Titles like wcm and wfm holds little value in my opinion .

  4. shahram ( stabs ) says:

    Yes , the chess olympiad was eventful , two players died during it , one from heart attack while playing causing commotion at the venue specially when some players mistook a defibrillator for a weapon ! . The entire women team from african state of Burundi are still missing since mid competition and police are looking for them ! , police regard kidnapping as highly unlikely .
    Just looking at icu olympiad rating results and realised that Ii I was a woman I would be on board 1 of irish women’ team and if I beat a few unrated girls from africa( who are simply on a paid holiday thanks to daddy’s connections ) I would get ” women fide master ” title and If I played really well then I get WSDGM ( women super duper grand master ) title regardless of how low my rating is ! .

    Money can’t buy you love but it can buy you fide presidency specially when delegates from third world countries are so cheap to buy as qatar football federation and sepp blatter know very well .

    going to Dunlaghaoire rapid tomorrow and rathmines blitz the day after .I’ll be missing round 2 and possibly round 3 on blitz as going on holidays .When it comes to blitz many people have the wrong ideas and think blitz is like a normal game , just have to think & play faster , to think that is like thinking a child is a small adult . Material advantage is not as important in blitz , one main trick I do is to give up my bishops for opponents knights in early game as I believe knights are far more valuable than bishops , thanks to its non linear movements and its notorious ability to fork , knights possession will force your opponent to take longer to think to avoid forking and waste valuable time or get forked , two centrally located knights in a blitz where it can fork the whole family on the board is a nightmare for any opponent , end of lesson .time for breakfast .

  5. shahram ( stabs ) says:

    Yep , Just got an email from fide telling me that the title of WSDGM stands for ” women sudden disappearance grandmaster ” and it has already been awarded to burundi women team ! my bad !

  6. leon fagan says:

    shahram ever considered giving coaching lessons as your advise is invalueable.

  7. shahram says:

    I badly need coaching myself as most of the time I don’t know what I am doing ! , but since I am neither a cute kid or a leggy blond no one is interested in teaching me and all the icu workshops and training are exclusively for those two categories only .In my games I’ve started using ” EMMM ” strategy during critical stages when I can’t decide what move is better which I find a great help .

  8. leon fagan says:

    Anybody know when the league fixtures for this season are released?

  9. David Goggins says:

    League fixtures are traditionally released in September, usually the night before the first round is due to be played 🙂

  10. leon fagan says:

    many thanks david and best of luck in coming season

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