Simultaneous Exhibition: FM Stephen Brady in Rathmines on Thursday 11-Sep-14

A 20-board simultaneous exhibition will take place in Rathmines Chess Club on Thursday 11-Sep-14 at 19:30.  It will be given by 8-time former Irish Champion, FM Stephen Brady, one of the strongest players in the country rated 2300+.

Click below for more details:

All Rathmines members are invited to participate.  FREE ENTRY.  If you’d like to play, please email to book your place.  Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis to Rathmines members.

All players rated under 1500 will have White, while those above 1500 will have Black against Stephen Brady.  Stephen Brady will have 100 minutes for all moves, while each participant will have 80 minutes for all moves.

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6 Responses to Simultaneous Exhibition: FM Stephen Brady in Rathmines on Thursday 11-Sep-14

  1. shahram says:

    I doubt 20 rathmines players will show up thursday night for the simul,I estimate at best about 14 will turn up ( mostly juniors ) .wouldn’t be surprised that icu site would have invitation for non rathmines players to attend tomorrow ( unless organiser reads this comment and wants to prove me wrong ! ) , best if players are texted individually and asked to come . I think giving 100 minutes to our FM guest is a bit unfair ,100 minutes divided by 20 players gives him 5 minutes per player. If I was arranging this ,it would be a saturday afternoon with no clock.It is great that such event is taking place and our thanks must go to the organiser and stephen brady who is a very strong player.

  2. shahram says:

    I am so discombobulated , twitter buzzing with so many rumours , it is hard to know what to believe ,for eg, there is one stating a top player from phisboro is going over to benildus , another states a character from a newly established club was attempting to poach rathminors ! .

    Looks like heidenfled teams will be divided to granny & junior teams , putting all rathminors into one heidenfeld team is neither good nor necessary .It will raise tensions and rivalry between kids &( their parents ) and will cause undue stress to those kids who do not preform as well as others . Yes juniors compete against each other in tournaments but that is usually over a weekend but league drags out for over 6 months , if things go bad in weekend tournaments it like taking off band aid in one go , while league is taking it off slowly .

  3. leon fagan says:

    shahram i would be interested to know which character was trying to poach rathminors and which ones.i also find it strange that a top player is going to st benildus from phibsoro but then again anything is possible

  4. shahram says:

    Hi Leon

    A I said these are rumours and It would be inappropriate of me to name names( specially minors ) , as for second rumour, you only need to wait another week and see who is playing in benildus armstrong and check their official icu website ( Not their wholly owned and moderated subsidiary at of in chess forum ) to find out if is true. btw Well done ,I see you have started roundtower junior club ,I knew long time ago and even suggested it to you about starting a junior club , once I saw you were interested in activity of juniors in other clubs . Here is my question ( be honest ) are you a big Joan jett fan ?

  5. leon fagan says:

    shahram who is joan jett?.Also just to let you know round tower junior chess club was formed before the senior club which i cannot take credit for.Shahram i also think it is wise not to look too hard into rumours but concentrate on your own team and don’t worry too much about the the way best of luck in the coming season.

  6. shahram says:

    Leon, My bad. joant jett was and still is a rock chick who had major hits in late 70’s , early 80’s era.
    Roundtower juniors club only recently appeared on icu website ( I think ) and has your phone as contact , so I thought you started the club , hopefully it has a few members .

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