FM Stephen Brady scores 12.5/18 in Rathmines Simul 11-Sep-14

FM Stephen Brady scored an impressive 12.5/18 in a simultaneous exhibition in Rathmines last night 11-Sep-14.  The 8-times former Irish champ achieved 10 wins, 5 draws and only 3 losses against average opposition ~1400.  Congratulations to Fiachra Scallan, Nick Scallan and Stephen Higgins who scored the only Rathmines wins.

Simul 1

Stephen Brady took Black against players rated below 1500 and White against the rest.  He had 100mins on each board against 80mins for his opponents, which gave him little more than 5mins per board. Special thanks to Stephen Brady on behalf of all in Rathmines Chess Club.

Full Results:

name Rating Player’s colour Brady’s score
1 Kalam, Abul 1785 B Win
2 Kennedy, Michael 1741 B Win
3 Killane, Jack 1725 B Draw
4 Nikrow, Shahram 1705 B Draw
5 Higgins, Paul 1671 B Draw
6 Scallan, Fiachra 1563 B Loss
7 Gallagher, Matthew 1531 B Win
8 Lynch, Peter 1504 B Win
9 Maher, John 1396 W Win
10 Freer, Pat 1361 W Win
11 Scallan, Nick 1300 W Loss
12 O’Higgins, Eoin 1332 W Win
13 Coman, Liam 1258 W Draw
14 Collins, Kevin 1234 W Draw
15 Flood, Joe 1227 W Win
16 Kouhtev, Atanas 1221 W Win
17 Higgins, Stephen 925 W Loss
18 Scallan, Ciara 614 W Win
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56 Responses to FM Stephen Brady scores 12.5/18 in Rathmines Simul 11-Sep-14

  1. shahram says:

    Sadly The event went as I predicted , rathmines did not get 20 players they wanted which was a good thing ! as the guest was only given 100 minutes for 18 players and was scurrying from board to board in the end and lost and drawn games were mainly due to lack of time and not his chess prowess , in my game as my opponent had less than a minute on the clock and certain to lose on time I offered a draw which he gladly accepted as that is not how I want to beat a fide master .

    Me sending a motion to icu was a mistake , It was Not asking for a ban on taking photos or video in tournament venue but consideration be given to camera shy players ( in your face close up stuff ) , anyway I have withdrawn the motion as it will not get anywhere but silver lining is that I learned two new english words . 1. if you ask for a bit of privacy it is called ” ballybackwater” and if an idiot brings a baby to a chess venue whose expected cries is worse than 10 mobile phones ringing ,refuse to leave politely and get thrown out of a hotel by security it is called ” ballymetropolis “! .

  2. shahram says:

    Changed my mind again , the motion stays !, even though 3 people have told me it will fail , but am I being a hypocrite as I look at photos and videos myself ? I am confused !

  3. shahram says:

    Wow , just looked at the city of Dublin results and really bad results for club main prodigies, results is going to change our heidenfeld youth board sitting arrangement. On sunday I actually went down to gresham hotel , it is much better venue than teachers club and the church of scientology were holding a meeting in different hall in the hotel , went over to look but did not see Tom cruise or fide president . I tell you what I heard from couple of different people , both ladies , first one told me she was walking in oconnell street and was handed a leaflet by a scientologist recruitment and asked if she would take a ” personality test ” which she agreed and many of personality test questions were about state of her finances, she told them she had little money and not have any rich relatives that were about to die , after the test she was advised her personality did not meet their requirement to join !. Second person I know works in a bank and told me many lodgements around 35000 euro each were coming into this scientology account over a short period and she made an inquiry and found people were lodging the money for a 2 week scientology intensive course in the caribbean !.

  4. Nick S says:

    Hi Shahram,
    I though the club had plenty of players play well over the weekend at the CoD. In relation to the Heidenfeld players, one ended up on board 1 in the last round, and two of our juniors won grading prizes in the Major section.
    In the Challengers section Peter Lynch had a very good weekend, and drew with the eventual winner on B1 in the last round. Peter finaished 5th in the section.
    In the junior section, Tom Butler had a very good tournament, coming 6th, whilst we had several younger juniors playing who coninued to get good experience.

    As to my own play… one awful blunder against a club colleague, but the whole competition was very good and location was excellent.

  5. Paul says:

    Shahram, while your comments are one of the main attractions of the website, the City of Dublin results for Rathmines weren’t that bad. The juniors did o’k and will benefit from the experience. Gresham was a good venue even though I know you love the Teachers!

  6. shahram says:

    Who is paul ? paul higgins? , sorry guys ,my inglish & language skills not so good , when I said ” main prodigies ” I only meant the 2 rathminors who have created the most buzz in the club and not all of the rathminors , your kids did well , congratulations . Despite my amazing talent in organisational skills , understanding players and teams , no one approached me for advice regarding team selection this year 😦 . Here proof of my amazing talent : rathmines playing bray on thursday score will be a 3-5 win for bray ( zero margin of error ! ) .

  7. shahram says:

    September rating is out ,If you click on my rating ,a graph of my rating rise appears ,a beautiful nice steady rise followed by a breather, period of consolidation before it pushes to a new peak and that’s how it should be done , most players graphs looks like snake and ladders ! .

  8. Michael says:

    Super performance in COD by Michael Higgins on 4/6 in the Major, gaining 102 rating points and up to 1687 – ahead of his dad. Also congrats to Fiachra Scallan on 3.5/6 in the same section, gaining 58 points and up to 1621. Other Rathmines Juniors also made gains – well done guys

  9. Killian says:

    Sometimes it is better to lose a game or two as the only way you can improve is to learn from your losses. The hard part is wanting to keep on playing despite losing!

    Rathmines have the best bunch of juniors playing at the moment. I always take an interest following the guys games at tournaments and I am always impressed. Michael could have easily won the COD as he had what appeared to be a winning position in his final game when I went to take a look.

  10. leon fagan says:

    wise words indeed from young killian.i think the results for the rathmines minors were not too bad at the weekend and it shows the good work being done at the club.If you look at the whole junior scene it has expanded rapidly in the last few years which is very good to see for irish chess as a whole.In relation to shahram prediction of 5-3 to bray in opening game it is a little harsh as you are well capable of getting a better result than that but you must play well.

  11. shahram says:

    It ended 4-4 draw rathmines vs bray , got an unexpected call from jack at short notice that I was needed as a sub for armstrong and I went and swung the result , had I not gone it would have ended 5-3 as I predicted .

  12. shahram says:


    Elm mount will win armstrong by edging out gonzaga ( sorry killian )and cellbridge will win heidenfeld .

  13. leon fagan says:

    shahram it seems you were correct about a top player going to st benildus.they could have a good chance of winning the league.however if gonzaga get there act tougher it will be their season.

  14. GM Burns says:

    “young” Killian, Leon – are you having a laugh?

  15. shahram says:


  16. shahram says:

    Cool ,Xmas party came early to rathmines website ,Nice to hear from you GM ( gone missing) burns , any plans to drop in the club for couple of games ? , Last time I checked on you , rumour on twitter was that not only you got a photo with a smiling kasparov wen he came to Dublin you guys played chess and you showed him an innovation in russian game which he said he will try later !.

  17. shahram says:

    Oh well , it was too good to be true and after a flurry of activity ,it looks like being back to the lone lighthouse keeper to keep things going here . So much stupidity in chess , I will talk about it in the next 1-2 days , first I like to know as shown in the photo of simul , why would anyone paint a room RED ?!!

  18. shahram says:


    Yes,I found 10 euro on the pavement yesterday on my way to eddie rockets and was wondering what to do with it , so I decided to create 3 chess related question and winner wins the prize of 10 euro .

    Q.1 : which icu member can go on family holiday paid by other members ?

    Q 2 : Who has done maximum damage to next year’s irish chess championship by allowing over a dozen unqualified low rated players into the senior section mainly by way of cronyism which will turn off many strong players from attending ?
    (as games are played at rate one game per day , who in their right mind will waste couple of days sitting opposite a patzer ? <— ( this is not a prize question , just comment )

    Q3 ' Which website keeps reaching a new low by kicking someone when they are down and clearly very upset , someone who has done great deal for irish chess in the past ?

    please post your answers and name here ( for the full 10 euro prize )

  19. shahram says:

    Could the moderator here please change the heading of my last comment from chess puzzle to chess quiz ?

    ” Scam Alert “!

    I believe chess bodies have been telling porkies to the public about benefit of playing chess ! .Whenever chess promoters talk about benefits of chess to the public , they keep talking about how it teaches discipline , strategy , planning ..etc in your life , SO ,can someone explain to me why organisers of chess events who have been playing chess for donkey years make such a mess with their planning ?! , for example , irish chess championship round 1 was cut short because of venue closing , the baburin blindfold simul ended in a farce just like rathmines simul , bunratty winners ,,etc and there seems to be always confusion and mishaps in icu events?. and when you ask a layman in the street what they think of regular chess players the words ” intelligent mild mannered gentlemen” comes to their mind , obviously a trip to one of icu agm’s will change that delusion very quickly and I have little doubt that icu agm can beat any agm when it comes to having the worse planning , discipline & strategy and even the anarchist agm ! .

    Even though my english is weak , I find it puzzling why so many people don’t know the difference between the words ” lose” and ” loose ” and keep mixing them up , ” you LOSE a game ” and not loose .

  20. shahram says:

    Yes, It looks like I am going to be let LOOSE at galway congress master’s section , where I will LOSE many games !

  21. shahram says:

    It’s sad that without me this blog is so desolate !

    Ok , I’ll try to post some stuff over the weekend , I should really write a book about behaviour & psychology of chess players as I have acquired an amazing understanding & knowledge on this subject , for example look at the photo of stephen brady simul above, all the red & blue dressed players are sitting on the left of photo while the brown and cream coloured clothes individuals are sitting on the right and this is not random ( random maths possibility of this is very low ) , due to subconscious mind, just like when in a sport team ,players with similar colour clothes get together , same has happened here without players even realising it !.

  22. shahram says:

    Rathmines twitter has gone into hibernation it seems , I hope we did ok against gonzaga and not get slaughtered .

  23. David Goggins says:

    Gonzaga 6 – 1 Rathmines. 1 game postponed (according to post on

  24. shahram says:

    Looks like moderation stuff is back on , my guess is most likely inadvertently when adding captains tab to the top of the blog page causing rathmines site name playing peekaboo !.

  25. shahram says:

    Eureka ! , Looks like if you provide links in your posts you have to wait for moderator to approve ( waiting forever ) and if no links the comment gets posted straightaway

    Thanks @ David , match results were posted on & a few days ago ( you need to refresh the pages sometimes due to old caches ) with the latter being quicker at giving match results . chickenraised posted results on and he also does drops here as well time to time. You are a good player and If it was up to me I would have put you and Tony B into armstrong and put jack into a heidenfeld team .If there is no risk of relegation , board order does not matter but in case of rathmines when not out of the relegation woods , against heavy hitters like gonzaga it’s best to throw you best players at bottom boards to get most of the match.They say with power comes responsibility but I have no power in the club —-> no responsibilty = I can say what I like here 🙂 ! .

    Leave a Reply

    Leave a Reply

  26. shahram says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I should have added ” without being responsible ” to the last sentence in the comment above , Nah ,I’ll never be a comedian .

    Eye gnats are driving me crazy ,the park beside my house seems to be full of them now , these creatures fly directly into eyes and are very irritating ,I hope I don’t get an eye infection and be able to play in curragh on saturday.

  27. shahram says:

    Yes , coming to work this afternoon , I took the longer route instead of shortcut through the park to escape these tiny insects flying into my beautiful eyes .

  28. Nick S says:

    Results Saturday 1st November

    Heidenfeld: curragh 5 3 Rathmines
    Ennis Rathmines 4.5 1.5 Longford
    Bodley: Rathmines B 1.5 3.5 Curragh

  29. shahram says:

    Thanks Nick , I think team captains should all be able to post results on rathmines twitter soon after their match or contact a designate person who will do the task, there should be a proper system and not the current willy-nilly reporting .

  30. shahram says:

    I had such a good laugh in the club recently that I’ve decided to share it with the few readers here .Last winter I was at the club playing friendly games with a club member , lets call him ( MR X ) and st benildus heidenfeld team were over playing at our club at the same time and after a few straight win ,I told mr X that there is no shame losing to a prodigy like me , he looked at me and said ” you are NOT a prodigy , you play in ennis” and then pointed to board 1 of heidenfeld at derek’s opponent and said , ” now that is a prodigy , you are just delusional !”, I walked over to see who is playing on board 1 and check their name on scorecard , anyway I ended subbing on board 8 heidenfeld against elm mount & bray last season ………….. This season starts and I looked at league tables and recently met Mr X at the club and reminded him of our conversation last winter and said to him ” The one you called prodigy and was playing at board 1 of heidefeld last season played on board 8 heidefeld for their team against celbridge this season and the one you called delusional and was playing sub on board 8 is now playing board 1 of heidenfeld ! , who is delusional now ? “,HA HA HA HA , had the floor of the club not dirty I would have been rotflmao ! .

    There is a lesson here , yes kids physically grow and become more mentally mature and have advantage over adults as their brain learns faster and crucially have better memory ,BUT that does NOT mean that they automatically become alot stronger as chess player with time ( a delusion alot of people have ) if that was the case why with so many juniors playing ,so few are rated over 1800 ? .

    P.S , the story above was given for educational purpose only and not meant to offend anyone.

  31. shahram says:

    If anyone rated over 1500 interested in a ladder game tonight let me know .

  32. shahram says:

    If I get a response to above comment , than I go buy a lotto ticket 🙂

  33. shahram says:

    Yes,this is what this blog should be used , players arranging friendly games in the club , arranged dating has the advantage you can play against someone similar strength or want to play with , if you just walk in the cub it’s like a blind date , you could end up all evening playing against some one with half your rating which puts off some high rated players from coming to the club . I don’t mind playing against low rated players in the club as long as entire evening is not spent doing that. Yes my offer for game tonight is genuine , 7:45 pm tonight (over 1500 rated ) please post your name here I will last check 6:45 pm .If i get a positive reply here it would be a historic moment for the club ,first time in rathmines 120 year history ,a game has been arranged online ,I am getting goosebumps even thinking about it .

    It’s sad to see what is happening in icu , good people are been driven out one by one as lunatics are taking over the asylum 😦

  34. shahram says:

    Red bull can NOT make you fly despite what the ads say but if drank in the morning makes you post comments on rathmines website as I found out today ! .

  35. shahram says:

    Sad news , john bradley from kilkenny club passed away and I was as actually talking to him last year in icu meeting , a true gentleman .Icu website has called him sean bradley but he is registered as john bradley in icu, same name given in kilkenny people but I suspect the because the writer of the article in kilkenny people was called sean , icu mixed up the first names , if that is the case it should be corrected immediately . anyway RIP .

  36. Killian says:

    Hi Shahram,

    Sean is the Irish name for John and I would guess that is where the confusion comes from.

  37. shahram says:

    I know sean is irish for john ( didn’t parachute in last week ) , but I have seen this many times in re-tweets and articles where editors name gets mixed with the named subject of article ,I actually met the late john bradley in 2006 when he was living in harolds cross and had a long conversation with him mostly about history , he left Dublin shortly after, really nice guy and not a bad bone in him .

    Any idea when is your gonzaga chess competition is on ? ,the organisers always seem to leave it late and don’t co-ordinate with the league , I need to book holiday for canaries in january . thanks

  38. shahram says:

    Moderator could you please add ” Hi killian ” to my comment above ,..

  39. shahram ( stabs ) says:

    Yes,Just looking at league table , we have a fight on our hands to stay in armstrong ,It is paramount that rathmines stays in the top division an I am optimistic about our chances but we need to score well against other relegation candidates like phisboro which we are facing next , I hope players turn up for this important game and don’t abscond just because the venue is located in a hostel at the junction of muggers lane and carjack avenue.

    After my defeat in curragh against a player rated 2295 , It is reasonable to move me from the top board as I no longer deserve the spot ( I am stating this due to my great sportsmanship ). In a drawn position with equal material I had knight &bishop and 3 pawns , I offered draw and stopped thinking and was looking around , 2 moves later I hanged the knight !, complacency is a big problem for me , once I get winning position my brain goes to sleep , I was in galway congress and managed to lose 3 games from winning position , was up 5 points against stephen short after 12 moves , and winning position after 6 moves against john cormican , and was 7 points up against jonathan melling after 19 moves and managed to lose all those games. ONLY time I don’t become complacent ( because a vow I made to myself over 2 years ago ) and go the extra mile is when I am playing against st benildus players , that’s why I have such great and impeccable record against them ( long rated games ).

  40. shahram says:

    Having attended both galway and limerick competitions , I would recommend galway , as the venue is nicer and overall I found galway to be a more pleasant and cultured city ,

  41. shahram says:

    Just looking at icu website about this european swop-chess in milan ,looking at the rules of competition, it looks like a rubbish competition , blitz where people can talk to each other during game and advise each other , loads of non-sense. Last time I was in italy was 2003 and it was the WORSE holiday I ever had in my life , so many bad things happened to me there that I could write a book about it .The most disappointing thing was the food , in areas frequented by tourists ,restaurants make no effort and give you the cheapest rubbish they can find at inflated prices . I tell you, a heated frozen pizza from tesco or Lidl would taste much better than what they serve over there . Overall I would recommend a spanish holiday over an italian one , spain is nearer , much cheaper and people are much more friendlier , having said that when it comes being work-shy ,they are both about the same ! .

  42. David Goggins says:

    I think you overestimate the dangers of visiting Phibsboro. The only time I ever felt any apprehension was walking down O’Connell Street afterwards.
    in fact I have never had any bad experiences during my 40 years of travelling to away venues, and I have played away to Ballyfermot 🙂

  43. shahram says:


    It is a tragedy that a great man like yourself should have apprehension walking down the main street of the capital , I tell you who is at fault , the SPINELESS politicians & justice system which is only focused on the rights of criminals and NOT the victims of crime, by constantly handing out bail and suspended sentences to scumbags , they keep career criminals in the street so they can prey on society ,the weak and vulnerable like the elderly are easy targets of these parasites.

    On away games there should be a better co-ordination on travel in the team, those who have cars could give lift to those who don’t if going same direction , like our match in curragh , there was no need for several cars to bring 6 players for the match .

  44. shahram says:

    Rathmines twitter should be scrapped ,when it comes to reporting match results it comes around infrequent like halley’s comet and reports are often very late , someties after results are already posted on lcu website , hopefully we managed to beat phibsboro .Trying to lose weight but not easy , hard to sleep when hungry —-> going to the fridge.

  45. shahram says:

    Tournament organisers often try to attract high rated players into the senior section of their competition in order to raise the prestige of their tournaments and often complain and ask ” why with so many high rated players around so few of them take part ? ” , the answer is simple because of ” EMBARRASSMENT “! , many high rated players have been playing for many many years and have reached the conclusion that they have already peaked sometimes in the past and can’t push much higher rating wise and are now simply journeymen ( stepping stone ) for fresh arrivals , so they say to themselves , if I enter this competition , I’ll just be stressing myself over the weekend and won’t do well ,lose face and rating points and feel depressed afterwards , so they won’t enter .I was in bunratty competition earlier this year and there was a little stall selling soft drinks and snacks in the hotel just outside playing room and was chatting to the woman serving there and she asked me how come players are drinking so much water but not soft drinks , I told her because of ” embarrassment” , most players are nervous & stressed of varying degree during their game and get dry mouth and drink water , but these soft drinks have gas in them and they’ll be afraid in the quiet playing room they’ll pass the gas themselves after drinking fizzy drinks and be embarrassed . Another situation where embarrassment causes problem is when a player offers a draw ,usually the weaker the argument for a draw is the quieter the offer is, the person offering draw knows that anyone within earshot will come to their table to see the position and if offer is rejected they may feel embarrassed in front of others , so some players lower the tone of their voice ( as not to be heard by third parties ) to a point that on many occasion the opponent does not even hear the offer for draw !.My recommendation is that instead of an offer of draw been made vocally, provided that opponent is not in time trouble ( more than 5 minutes on the clock ) a chess piece , ie a pawn be placed on the clock to indicate the offer and if removed it means the offer is declined. Had a slice of chocolate cake and 2 scoops of ice cream going to bed now . good night .

  46. shahram says:

    Very disappointing result in amrstrong against phibsboro ,considering similar strength overall to our team , who is christina meikle ?, her name is listed in player panel in rathmines armstrong team in lcu website .sleepy ……..zzzzzzzzzzzz…

  47. shahram says:

    Quiet here ,I’ll post some stuff later tonight.

  48. shahram says:

    I am such a humanitarian , it is amazing , always trying to help others, take the water charge for example , when the concept of water meters came into play , I emailed enda kenny many moons ago advising him against installing meters , my email read

    ” Look ,the idea is to get money from the public , first we had bin charges , then property tax and now water charge , trying to hit public with different bills instead of one big bill , see what your target for raising money through this scam is and divide the number with number of occupied houses and charge a fixed fee per house, giving discount to single occupiers , easy and simple maths ,that’s it , No need to waste a fortune installing meters ( overspent by 107 million euro so far installing meters) , you’ll get alot of grief if you try installing these meters in areas where people have been living on handouts and not used to paying for services ”

    I didn’t even get a reply and was ignored and look at what happened , being ignored in someway was good ! in some countries if you email head of state to advise or criticise , you’ll get a knock on your door in the middle of the night from security forces ! .

  49. shahram says:

    Was looking at this kilkenny congress thingy , looking at accommodation cost , why does this town thinks it is a resort in switzerland ? 3 stars accommodation over there charging like 5 stars hotels in Dublin ?, . No penalties were imposed on kilkenny for withdrawing team from heidenfled after fixtures was announced ,LCU does’t seem to learn anything from previous years , ALL clubs should be obliged to get their ducks in row before fixture announcement , so we could have league divisions with full capacity .This whole LCU business is non sense ,there should be a greater Dublin area league with malahide, balnchardstown,celbridge , bray as it’s outposts .

    Good luck to rathmines b tonight against benildus ,I tell you that club is flying high ,leaders in heidenfeld this year while last 2 years they were struggling to stay in the division , see, mel leaves rathmines and invites brady to follow him there and lifts their armstrong team and trickle down effect kicks in , helping their other teams , when mel left club I don’t think anybody missed him , nice guy kept to himself and did not interact with other members , but killian was different story , I was actually disappointed when he showed up to play against us in armstrong , having played so many years for rathmines , knowing that rathmines are fighting to stay in armstrong , you thought he’ll show some compassion and not bother showing up to play against a 1800 rated , but no mercy there .

  50. shahram says:

    just looking at entrants lists to killkenny congress , in under 1200 section , they have a 1609 and a 1275 rated players ! ,earlier this year in bunratty we had organisers sticking an over-rated player in a low section even though his rating was displayed at the start, he won the section and they ended up holding a play-off for a new winner , how clueless can some organisers can be is truly shocking !.

  51. shahram says:

    It is very disappointing that board 1 masters in kilkenny agreed a draw only after 8 moves and board 2 after 12 moves this evening on live boards with spectators . It is not cheating as it is within rules but it is POOR sportsmanship , effecting draws next round and ultimate prize winners , some like to call chess a sport , imagine in any other sports , like football a few minutes into the game,players stop playing and call it a draw because it suits both sides . I understand it’s saturday evening and players want a break and a few drinks ,they could have asked for a bye for round 4 earlier but NO , they wait and if in good position in the table and meeting equal strength opponents then they go for draw. I wish organisers introduce NO draws before 30 moves unless 3 fold or theoretical draw. Organisers give alot of their time and effort in tournaments and I am tired of some who constantly criticise them .

    P.S . this article’s comment section is just one short of a full deck !

  52. David Goggins says:

    Time to start a new thread? Maybe on the failings of our Armstrong team 🙂

  53. shahram says:

    Just woke up from my siesta and the force told me we beat malahide 5.5 – 2.5 , back to my nap

  54. shahram says:

    Yes , forgot ,the force said wins for me , the 2 michaels & john corcoran and draws for tony s and david g . The force said I should be taken into armstrong team to prevent it’s relegation . The force is NEVER wrong !.

  55. shahram says:

    “THE FORCE” contacted me again and is angry , because I did not use CAPS to type his name( my apology to THE FORCE ) and reminded me that I am posting here because I didn’t take my medication this morning !.

    p.s . it would be nice if THE FORCE gave me next week’s lotto number and not this constant barrage of non-profitable information .

  56. leon fagan says:

    david ballyfermot was a great club to play away have very fond memories of that club it is a pity they went bust a bit like crumlin another great club

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