Rathmines Winter Blitz on Thursday 18-Dec-14

The Rathmines winter Blitz tournament will take place in the club on Thursday, 18th December, 2014, at 8pm.  All members welcome.  Free entry.  As usual, it´s sure to be great fun with generous prizes of wine, chocs, etc. up for grabs for players of all standards.  Note that this will be the last club night of the year, as we will be shut right through the Xmas/New Year period. I hope to see you there!

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21 Responses to Rathmines Winter Blitz on Thursday 18-Dec-14

  1. shahram says:

    Only spam here , I will post some stuff later tonight about our league situation , followed by a lecture , have to go for lunch.

  2. shahram says:

    Just looking at league table , our armstrong team is sadly in relegation zone , we didn’t deserve the 6.5-1.5 defeat at the hands of benildus even though we were missing several players , we looked good for at least a draw in endgame on several boards , my own performance was dismal ,I had a terrible day before the match , and I tell you there are days that you are just not in a mood to think . I was offered board 2 which I rejected !,offering board 2 armstrong to a 40 something year old patzer like me who was stuck on board 4 of Bea league couple of years ago , who has had NO coaching and trains with a dodgy fritz ,,, and also has a brain which is right on the border of being scattered brain and attention disorder ! , Mel didn’t play for benildus against us ( out of respect , according to beinldus site )and I want to thank him , it was a class act , he may have read my earlier comment when I said I was disappointed killian came and played against us , should rathmines survive in armstrong , next season he should come and play against us .Actually during our match I identified 3 benildus players who read my comments here , before the match I expected only 1 , Being a great detective and a chess psychologist , I could tell from body language and other telltale signs such as excessive effort in avoiding eye contact which the person fears may lead to a telling smile !

    … Anyway I am still hopeful for armstrong as we have already played the strongest teams in the league . It would be good to contact some high rated ex rathminers who are not playing the league this season, to see if they can help us out .In Summer I thought our armstrong team position was secured as I was told at least 2 or 3 top players( excluding mel and killian ) we coming back , once that was not the case it would have been better to make rathmines A heidenfled strong on all boards and looking for promotion there as insurance against rathmines armstrong getting relegated .

    Playing in gonzaga masters next month( barely qualified for the section ) In original entry form they had jan 18 in 2013 for early entry discount ! ( 30 euro masters and 25 euro other sections ) but had to email the organiser as I could not find my time machine and it has since been corrected but still gonzaga competition does not appear in icu calendar , I tell you ,sometimes it’s better to have an experienced adult in charge rather than a bleary-eyed teenager !.

    Have to go now , but next I will talk about chess psychology and how critical it was in two dofferent situations , firstly when I won gonzaga championship in 2013 , critical game being vs kevin burke , will discuss that game and second situation when I failed to become rathmines champion in 2014 , game vs scot mulligan .

  3. shahram says:

    Wow ! , Tonight’s competition must be an important event in the club as rathmines twitter has given it 3 names ! , winter/xmas/holiday season blitz .I’ll post my analysis on games I mentioned in the comment above next weekend

  4. shahram says:

    Yes, i hope killian shows up tonight and raises standard of the competition , I just want to clarify something , as someone asked me about it in the club , when a player leaves a club to go to another , they have absolutely every right to play against their old club following season , it is only when they promise to come back and play for their old club should they qualify for armstrong division that it becomes a little tricky and the least they can do is that for that season ONLY , they don’t turn up . No sign of Darren in the club for long time now , hopefully he is not thinking that he has become a journeyman .

  5. David Goggins says:

    Just had a look at the Heidenfeld league table. Rathmines A have played a match less than most of the teams above them . If we win our match in hand and do well in the second half of the season we have a very good chance of finishing in second place.

  6. shahram says:

    No sign of blitz results ! ,It is hard to see how benildus + curragh do not get promoted in heidenfeld , had I been involved in team selection from the start , we would have been in much better position.St benildus heidenfeld is doing much better than expected as they have many committed players while some teams are made up mostly of players who are “involved” in a team , involved players are fussy , they don’t travel long distances for a match and/or only play when opponent is of sufficient rating , while committed players like me go anywhere and play anyone for the team , Think of an egg & bacon breakfast , the chicken is involved but the pig is committed ! .

    Wanted to type the games I mentioned earlier for rathminors but too tired , promise to do within next 48 hours . zz..zzzz

  7. shahram says:

    Cool ! , I regularly check out this middle east website for news and they also have a daily joke section on their site and this time my name was used for one of characters in the joke , so I decided to translate the joke for you guys , here it goes …

    Sohrab is planning to go to london for the summer to do a diploma course but he has a cat which he loves very much but can’t take the cat with him , so he leaves the cat with his best friend shahram to look after til he gets back .Two weeks after leaving for london , sohrab gets an email from shahram which read……… ” Hi sohrab , bad news , your cat was walking on the roof of our apartment block today and fell and died on the spot , sorry ” ……… sohrab rings his friend and is angry ,telling him how much he loved the cat and he should have prepared him for bad news gradually and not giving him a terrible news like that so suddenly , and when shahram asks how ? , sohrab says , you could have lied a bit , for example ,first you should have emailed me and told me my cat was very happy and walking on the roof alot and then couple of days later another email telling me that the cat had fallen of the roof and was injured and had been taken to vet hospital and then later emailed me that the cat needed surgery and a final email saying the cat had died , so this way I would have been mentally prepared for this horrendous news and not gotten a sudden shock , so shahram apologizes , anyway ,couple more weeks passes and shorab gets an email from shahram which reads ” Hi shorab , your mother is very happy and walking on the roof alot ! “

  8. shahram says:

    Hopefully the joke above was not lost in translation ,Was looking at U-16 competition in hungary in the weekend , I tell you that Cian & 9 year old Daniel seem to be going places in the future unlike the rest of their team .I am so old that when I see symbols like u-16 , it reminds me of world war 1&2 german submarines !. phone call have to go …

  9. shahram says:

    Yep , a fresh daily joke just came on my favorite website , so I will translate and then go to bed….

    A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: ”Ugh, that’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!” .The woman walks to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: ”The driver just insulted me!” The man says: ”You go up there and tell him off. Go on, I’ll hold your monkey for you! .” …..

    Good night … zzz….zzz…

  10. shahram says:

    Yep, Time has come for me to post some of my chess experiences for the benefit of rathminors so they can learn stuff as they need it .I tell you several rathminors had dramatic improvement in their game and ratings during the summer but so far in the league this season their performances has been less than stellar or perhaps expectations were too great .This article is for benefit rathmines juniors and if any juniors from other clubs are here then ….shoo !!.

    Game 1, gonzaga championship 2013 , me vs kevin burke of st benildus

    From the start I wanted to win this competition , in previous round before this game , I screwed up a winning position to draw and in this game vs kevin I was completely winning in middle game but again screwed up and position now appeared drawn , me with two rooks and couple of pawns against his queen and couple of pawns ,the pawns were at their starting position and opposing each other ,so not very important factor .Kevin’s clock dips below 5 minutes but I have much more time than him , ever a great sportsman I now wait and stare at the clock til my time also dips below 5 minutes and we can play a blitz . Soon into the blitz kevin offers a draw , which is more than fair , I was going to accept ,except I noticed he looked anxious , I said to myself I don’t think this man’s nerve will hold and played on , disconnecting the rooks to give checks and then reconnecting them before his queen grabs one of them ,I tell you it was scary stuff , like a guy holding a knife in each hand swinging them against a man holding a sword !, After a short period I said if I continue like this it will only lead to repetition draw or worse I lose one of the rooks , BUT , I have to win and now there was only one thing left to do ,, for my king to come out from behind the pawns and attack his position towards his queen !! ,my king marching towards his position was to provide a distraction for my increasingly agitated opponent and not as scary as it looks on the surface as queen can not single handedly checkmate my king ,Finally opponent blunders and gets his queen pinned and resigns immediately and I WIN ! and with the confidence I got from this game I went on to win the remaining games and become the outright winner of the competition . I tell you ,it is a great feeling when you become a champion , did many laps of honour in the venue and hoping people asking me how I did .

    Yes , rathminors , becoming a champion is NOT just about who is a better chess players , as in the game mentioned above shows ,the position on the board was not very relevant what separated me from my opponent and in general separates champions from the rest are additional qualities such as . 1. ambition 2. confidence 3. willingness and knowing when to take risks and 4. being able to hold your nerve .

    Next I will talk about what went wrong in game vs scot mulligan

    p.s , please make sure every rathminor gets a print out copy of what i posted above.

  11. shahram says:

    Happy xmas every one

    Okay , I will translate the latest daily joke then I am done translating …….

    There is a fire at an oil refinery , the refinery owner rings the fire department and several fire engines are dispatched ,when the first fire engine arrives , the crew realise that the fire is very near a large gasoline storage tank and they stop 300 meters from the fire and are too scared to go any further , second fire engine arrives and t’s the same story ,they stop beside the first fire engine . The refinery owner pleas with them to go and put out the fire and save the refinery but fire crew refuses and then a 3rd fire engine arrives and unlike the other two , this one zooms past and it stops right between the fire and the storage tank , the 4 crew jump out and start putting out the fire and 20 minutes later the fire is out and the refinery is saved .The delighted refinery owner runs over hugging the fire crew and congratulating them for their bravery and he then pulls out his cheque book and says he will give each of the four crew a cheque for 5677 euro ( conversion to euro ) each , after writing the cheques and handing them over ,curious he asks the crew what they will be doing with the money ? holiday or do they have something special in mind , the fire captain replies , the first thing we need to do with the money is to fix the brakes on our fire truck ! .

    P.S .. it’s strange that when I translated the jokes , I proofread it but don’t do the same with my comments ! .

  12. shahram says:

    Ok,okay . I will translate one more , but this is the last one , you guys have to wait til next christmas for anymore.

    Nader is a fat guy and one day as he is walking down the street and spots a weight loss clinic with a big sign saying ….” Lose weight in one hour guaranteed ” .., curious, Nader walks into the clinic and asks how does it work and the receptionist explains to him he will be put into a room for one hour for exercise and as a result he will lose wight and there are 3 options to chose from . option 1 : lose 1/2 kilogram ( just over one pound of weight ) in one hour and it costs 100 euro ….option 2 : lose one kilo in one hour and it costs 200 euro …… option 3 : lose 2 kilo in one hour and it costs 500 euro , ever skeptical Nader asks what if I don’t lose the weight and the receptionist reassures him that he will get full refund and he will be weighed before and after , so nader accepts the offer and goes for the cheapest option and pays 100 euro , gets weighed and he is told to go into room no 1 and he enters a very dark room and can hear the door being locked behind him and then the lights come one and finds that he is in a very large room with a scantily dressed young lady on other side and while giggling she points to a clock on the wall and tells him he has one hour to catch her and if he does , he is free to do what he likes and the door is locked for one hour so she can’t escape, so nader gives chase but the lady is too fast for him and he keeps running after her for one hour but no luck , hour is up and the door opens and he comes out ,gets weighed and sees that he has lost half a kilo as result of of all the running , anyway a week passes and nader goes back to the clinic but this time he wants to to see what is in room no 2 and pays 200 euro and it’s the same story , only difference is that the lady in room 2 is alot more attractive than the room number 1 , nader runs and runs and puts alot more effort this time but again no luck , so he has to leave after one hour , the next day nader joins a running club and he runs day and night for 3 months and becomes very fit and a good runner and confident that this time he will catch the lady, so goes back to the clinic and this time he puts 500 euro on the table and goes for option 3 , he enters room 3 which is dark just like previous rooms , the door locks behind him and when the light is switched on, on other side of the room he sees a big guy covered in tattoos and looks like a prison convict and the guy shouts at him ” you better run fast for the next hour sucker or you know what I’m going to do to you !” .

  13. shahram says:

    Yes ,rathminors in previous lesson I discussed how I became gonzaga championship champion and made history by seizing the moment and not by following the rules ( with my king attacking opponent’s queen ! ). Now in this lesson I will explain what went wrong in final round of rathmines club championship last summer in my game vs scot mulligan so you learn something .

    After a good run in the tournament ,in final round I was a full point clear and knew just needed a draw to win the competition . I was playing black and only after a few moves into the game I was up a pawn vs scot who was not familiar with the opening and he had little to show for in form of compensation , I knew black was alot better and should win from here with good play , I said to myself I have been playing chess for couple of years and now it is time to play maturely and take no risks , so I decided to sit back and play defensive as opposed to my usual self of attacking and sacrificing, simply exchange pieces and if scot overplays his hand make him pay for it .As my two enemies in chess have been 1. complacency 2.lack of mental stamina . I decided to quickly exchange pieces and simplify the position and bring the game to a speedy end . I started making a series of small positional concessions to achieve my aim . In my deluded mind I was playing for 3 results ( win. draw loss ) but in reality I was only playing for 2 results ( draw, loss ) when the end came I realised that I had simply made one too many concessions and could not even draw the game now.yes , No guts , No glory !

    Yes , one must play principled chess at all times .Sitting back and handing initiative to your opponent is NOT being mature . Lesson over .

  14. shahram says:

    ” WARNING ” !!

    St benildus website has decided to display 2 games involving their players with 2 rathminors , fiachra and henry li , having woken up very early this morning and with nothing better to do, for the first time ever I decided to check out the games on their site and non of the games makes sense due inability to record or post games properly . game involving fiachra makes no sense after 15 moves , click on link below to see the game and in henry li game , pawns are moving in files where no pawns exists ! , yep don’t waste your time or you may get a migraine !


  15. David Goggins says:

    Perhaps Fiachra and Henry can give us the correct game scores? I never post my own games online as I don’t want to give possible future opponents too much information. (Unless I am deliberately trying to mislead them).

  16. shahram says:

    Actually if opponents knows your opening lines , it may be good for your game in the long run !! , it will encourage you to learn new openings or variations instead of playing the same tried lines.
    Fiachra and henry are both good kids but have opposing styles . fiachra likes slow positional play and plays a bit too defensive and does not take initiative or attack as much as he should , but henry plays very aggressive and sometimes leaves himself open to decisive counter attack against accurate and disciplined defending opponents .

    Yep , went to bed just before 2 am and woke up around 5: 30 am from a nightmare ! and have been yawning all day , a very strange , rare and disturbing dream , in my dream I was in a big room with floor covered in snakes , was scared and wanted to leave and was tip toeing towards the exit ,when at the exit door I thought I’ve made my escape ,as I opened the door got bitten by a snake on other side of the door in the left calf , woke up and at the site where I was bitten in my dream had a sharp stinging pain for about 30 seconds after I had woken up !, switched on the light but no marks on my leg ( would have totally freaked out if there was a mark )

  17. shahram says:

    Happy new year every one !

    Woken up at 2: 30 am today !, but this time not by a nightmare but by a phone call ! ,a nutcase ringing me to wish me a happy new year and letting me know how much he has enjoyed himself at a party which he’d just left and I didn’t go to ( due to little sleep as result of nightmare the night before ), I tell you with some friends you don’t need enemies !.

    Hopefully we will have a good year in the leagues. Lcu junior championship started today , lets see if any new prodigies are revealed . I tell you many kids don’t have passion for chess and just play to please their parents , you can tell which ones , those who regularly during their games seem to be distracted most of the time and not focusing on their game .Some parents wonder if their kid is a chess prodigy , with a TRUE prodigy , you don’t have to wonder for long , you find out soon as raw talent reveals itself quickly.

    Here is a video of a prodigy singer from my hometown, singing lady gaga’s song ” applause ” in a talent show , I believe better than lady gaga !, yep a true prodigy ,singing live with NO audio software editing and he is a BOY !


  18. shahram says:

    Just looking at ICU agm document released and here are some questions I have about some of the motions that passed…

    1. Is it fair that less than %10 of icu members get to decide the faith of rest us ? , yes , only those that can sit through insane number of hours in an agm meeting , why can’t rest of us vote on motions online with voters names and the way they voted published to prevent fraud?

    2. Was it right to charge icu members 700 euro retrospectively to pay for the unnecessary trips of two chess coaches who went on private capacity to glorney cup ?

    3. Is it right to allow a dozen or more players into irish chess championship senior section who have not qualified by their own rating and many now can get in, if they are well connected with icu executive ?

    Personally I believe allowing many low rated players along with longer format for games will put off many high rated players attending this competition in the future.

  19. shahram says:

    Yep , went and posted my comment above on boards,ie ( my first post ever there ) hopefully don’t get eaten alive or get banned !, hehehe

  20. shahram says:

    In xmas spirit , I was posting on boards.ie under the name sinbad68 and was trying to inject abit of life into it , by starting a new topic weekly. it badly needs it as in it’s current form instead of discussions it is only used for sporadic reporting of league results .I can sense hostility from the moderator there called cdeb ( dunno why ?! ), the name cdeb I speculate he drived from the name chris de burgh but now this character “sparks” which I thought had left for good shows up , I am not sure I will bother anymore with this guy around as he tends to start arguments and forces participants to close their account in disgust or get banned and has destroyed boards.ie chess forum .

  21. shahram says:

    One of my great ambitions was that one day I become good enough and rated high enough that I will be able to play in senior section of irish championship ( remote possibility ), It was great to see such a strong field of players in 2104 but now it is all ruined ! , They are going to allow dozen or more players in the section regardless of ratings ( even if 700 rated ) !! if they have connections to icu executive , my guess is that ,it would be mainly spoiled pseudo – prodigies that would be using it .One thing I get sick of hearing about is how kids are always better than what their ratings is , blah blah , gimme a break, I mean there are tons of kids in tournaments and organisers allow lots of them to play up a section and with k factor 40 and all the bonus points ….in the ENTIRE country there are ONLY TWO kids aged under 18 who are rated over 1800 !!. People have delusions about potential of kids.
    . The time control of irish chess championship has changed as well and now needlessly alot longer than that of say british chess championship games ( masters section ) and games can go longer than carlsen- anand games did ! , yes I am no longer interested or have any ambition to be playing in this silly competition anymore unless rules are changed ,I have a bigger ambition now , to play in senior section of british chess championship which allows irish federation as well as a few other small nearby federations to enter .It shows their strength and confidence as they feel their neighbours don’t pose any serious risk of winning it .British championship is a much bigger and alot stronger field and half the entrants have real titles …GM/IM/FM and not comprised of mostly wannabees.

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