Fancy Playing Some Rapid Games?

I’ve had a few requests to try out some organised Rapid play in the club. Seems like a good idea to me – opportunity to play Over-The-Board games without the time commitment necessitated by standard time controls. Also, being closer to the ‘real thing’ it’s reputed to be far better for your chess than blitz.

Thursday next (Feb 19th) is free of league matches so we can make a start and continue from there is there’s sufficient interest.

– all moves in 25mins

– 2 rounds: first at 8pm, second at 9pm

– members can play in 1 or both rounds, i.e 8-9pm, 9-10pm or 8-10pm

– pairings will be matched initially by rating

– recording of moves is optional

Just come along on the night to play but for planning purposes a reply here or email to would be helpful.


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21 Responses to Fancy Playing Some Rapid Games?

  1. Dragan Glas says:

    Hi Tony,

    I’ll be there for 8pm onwards.

    Kindest regards,


  2. shahram says:

    Hi Tony

    You’ve been talking about this Rapid for at least three months , giving 3 days notice is a bit short , Best to email members and let them know about this competition as many rathmines members don’t check the blog regularly and some not at all ! .

    Kindest regards,

    Mr Finicky !

  3. shahram says:

    Yep , as I expected No emails has been sent regarding the Rapid , always whether there is a meeting or blitz competition in the club , all members get an email . but michael or john are usually the one organizing.

    We are just 2.5 points behind kilkenny in the armstrong , next game will be vital for survival in the league , difficult task given kilkenny’s two hired guns sitting on top boards , sadly LCU took no action against that club for dropping out of heidefeld last minute and messing up heidenfeld.

    The Club should be able to get some money back from LCU as top 3 leagues won’t be fide rated , fide charges 1 euro per player per tournament regardless of how many rounds ( many people falsely believe it’s 1 euro per game ! ) .

    Yes , if ICU was intelligent and wanted to raise money ,it could even charge as little as 50 cents per player per tournament for rating tournaments and in bunratty alone they would get couple of hundred euro and with so many competitions throughout the year they would raise alot of money , certainly hell alot more than their original plan,instead they went to war with tournament organisers in full public view and were forced into a humiliating climb down which diminished them and damaged the reputation of ireland as a venue to play chess in the eyes of overseas visitors …. SAD !

  4. Thats a very good idea. Unfortunately, i’ll miss this Thursday (seems to be a short notice for me), but please keep this coming over the next weeks too.

  5. shahram says:

    *cough* * cough *!

  6. shahram says:

    Been very busy and little time to post , ok few things

    1.congratulation to scot & henry li for good performance in bunratty ,I met scot a few days before bunratty in the club and he said he is not sure if he is going and I urged him to go as he is much stronger player than last year and told him he will do well and he went and came joint first , yes those who listen to my advice ,benefit .

    Talking bunratty , Thanks to my tireless campaign for fairness & justice and against false advertising , the organisers for the first time ever were restrict on rating bands entries and had record entry numbers !, I saw my No.1 visitor here admitting that fact on and finally supported my view to clear his guilty conscience for being silent earlier, but he really should have come out in my support when I had the row with that brain fried moderator and it was a case of too little too late . I went to benildus site and under the heading “bunratty 2015 review ” there is a picture and have to tell you this ,the photo-shop job on that photo was not great and has many mistakes ,a couple of examples , if you click on photo , you’ll see the boy holding the trophy has only 4 fingers ( including thumb ) in his right hand and his little finger is the longest finger ! and the boy with red jacket had his ears photo-shopped too low with right ear lower than the left ! , when photoshopping ears , always remember this , the top of ear lobes should at least reach the level of eyes and usually be higher , you can google “low set ears” and see .

    Nigel short is being attacked because of his tweet on bunratty ” , one person claims it was insulting while majority say it was a joke , bunratty is a famous drinking tournament and second part of tweet is just expressing surprise that wesley so is attending this tournament, that’s all and it is not insulting or a joke as many seem to think , The attack itself has little to do with the tweet and alot to do with the fact that nigel short dislikes fide president kirsan .

  7. shahram says:

    Looks like Lcu top 3 leagues will be fide rated after all ! .

  8. shahram says:

    Want to type stuff here but too lazy and too little energy ,maybe an eddie rocket chocolate shake will give me calories I need to type here ?!

  9. shahram says:

    Yep, ICU website and rating site is down due to personal conflicts , Immediately after last icu agm I did warn that lunatics have taken over the asylum and we will be going from one crisis to another ,,bunratty and now this , current executive has done nothing but damage irish chess . when over %90 of icu members are disenfranchised and not allowed to vote online or by postal vote and all you need is a handful of your clubmates to show up in agm to get elected , this happens ,,,,, SAD .

  10. David Goggins says:

    “The old ICU websites ( and have been retired by order of Mr P. Fitzsimons. Please see the new ICU website controlled by Mr C. Daly.” (

    I notice that a lot of our names are missing from the published rating list.

  11. shahram says:

    Mark orr was indispensable in current situation and was summarily cast aside by inept current executive despite countless hours he gave developing icu and rating website ( just like our una o’boyle )and this is the result ,great volume of icu documents and games could be lost forever ,as I said before this reminds me of the time of 3 musketeers , when a taciturn leader was manipulated by cardinal richelieu with terrible results . Icu is a farce at the moment and I have seen alot of farcical situations throughout my life , here one of the earliest that I can remember ! .

    I was 6 years old and was watching news on TV and there was a news article about the mummy of an egyptian pharaoh who lived more than 3000 years ago being sent to france for restoration,but french who are big into bureaucracy requested travel documents for the mummy ! , so egyptian government issued a passport for the mummy and in turn requested full military honours for the mummy when it arrives in france ! .

    P.S , It was ramesses II and his occupation in passport was written down as ” King ” ! .

  12. David Goggins says:

    Statement from Pat Fitzsimons:

    “Please note that contrary to the recent posting attached to the and domain names, these websites have not been retired by me. They have been taken off line temporarily as an interim measure because the control of the sites needed to be reassigned to the ICU in the light of the resignation of the former webmaster. They will be brought back on line in the next few days. The features of the two sites and the data on them is fully intact.”

    Let us not be too quick to criticize the new regime, but instead give them a chance to sort out the mess that they inherited.

  13. shahram says:

    Yes, been busy these days ,will post stuff later today on many subjects …..

  14. shahram says:

    Good fortune for the club in amrstrong as kilkenny made a blunder by breaking the 150 points rule and placing a player on board 2 who is 151 points below the one on board 3 , when I found out who played on board 2 for kilkenny I contacted jack who told me the player was rated as 1774 by kilkenny on day of the match but I said he is put down as 1737 and contacted LCU ,kilkenny had 3 out of 4 points gained deducted and match was scored a 4-1 win to rathmines ..BUT.. RULE 6.9 clearly states that points will be deducted from player breaking the rule and all boards below him and given to the opposing team so according to THE RULE 6.9 the game should be scored a 7-1 win for us as theoretical possible .I know it is harsh but that is the rule and the club MUST pursue a 7-1 score with LCU ,It was a catastrophic miscalculation by their team captain . I heard David fitzsimons came and played his armstrong game against us in the club on thursday as he could not make tomorrow’s game , under normal circumstances this is okay but when club is fighting relegation we should not be so generous as if their FM can not play on matchday a weaker player will replace him which is better for us .

    I did not play in our last heidenfeld game against Drogheda as 2 away games were transferred to the club the day before and our team captain was going to drive players to venue but not be playing , so I pulled out of team ,so he can play ,yes that’s what having class and being a gentleman is all about.

  15. shahram says:

    In heidenfeld , curragh are going to win the title and benildus are favorite to take second place for promotion and only inchicore A or celbridge can catch them , inchicore A are playing against our B team in heidenfeld in the last round and our B team can be kingmaker here , personally I feel for next season if we need promotion , inchicore as they have 2 teams and more depth would be a tougher challenge than benildus who had a lucky run , so I think B team who seem to be heavily reliant on subs should just give walkovers or call in weak players from the bottom divisions .I think ( not sure )only one team getting relegated from heidenfeld which is going to be phisboro or Drogheda

  16. shahram says:

    Looks like if you provide a link ,your comment does not get posted ! 😦

  17. shahram says:

    Yes , in heidenfeld the A team’s late surge has closed the gap with second promotion spot to 4.5 points which is too big even though we will be playing the soon be relegated phibsboro who need to beat the A team 6-2 to survive in final round , I expect they will give us couple of walkovers in the final round.,one or two extra decent players in the team at start of season , we could have pulled it off .Yes it’s about maths and psychology. I like maths , here a maths puzzle , see if you can solve it ?

    Three flatmates go into shop to buy a TV , they choose a TV and ask the apprentice the price and he says it’s 300 euro , so each flatmate gives 100 euro to the boy and as they are walking out of the shop with the tv ,the manager walks in and asks the apprentice what did he sell and he tells him , the manager responds that the TV was on sale and should have charged 50 euro less , so he gives the boy 50 euro in change and sends him out after the flatmates and as the boy reaches them he thinks why should he give them the full amount and decides to keep part of money for himself and tells the flatmates that they overpaid and gives each flatmate 10 euro and keeps 20 euro for himself .

    Ok, the puzzle , flatmates gave the boy 100 euro each at the time of transaction and later each got 10 euro back , so each flatmate gave 90 euro (100 – 10 = 90 ) for tv , so 3 flatmates paid 3×90 = 270 euro total and 20 euro was kept by the boy 270 +20 = 290 euro …………BUT the initial money was 300 euro , where is the missing 10 euro ?!

  18. shahram says:

    Still , No icu site and No rating site 😦 , I had a habit of checking my rating on the rating website every night before going to bed to make sure it has not been altered by cyber criminals and have not been able to do so in the last few weeks and as a result twisting and turning alot in bed these days . I believe it’s time for the clubs to get involved to resolve the dispute between some members of icu and the previous rating officer , mark orr was doing a great job at his position and it was he who created the new rating site and should not have been replaced in the first place , if resolving this problem means him returning to his post , so be it ,even though it means icu has to eat humble pie which they should be used to after the bunratty debacle .

    In armstrong kilkenny now have a 4.5 points lead going into the final round but they are playing bray and we against elm mount b , the gap is too big , we are still owed 3 points according to the rule ,if we get it then there will be a real relegation battle in the final round .

  19. shahram says:

    I am discombobulated ! , Looking at the provisional icu website , regarding malahide competition in May bank holiday , in the calendar section the venue is advertised as being in airport hotel (darndale hilton ) and on malahide entry form it’s advertised as Alsaa sport complex ! .Secondly why a clergy competition being held in poland which seeming only wants priest and nuns attending it ( free accommodation) is being advertised on icu site but the british chess championship a short flight away with over 2 dozens competitions over a 2 week period ,end of july gets NO mention ?!.

  20. shahram says:

    oops !, wasn’t expecting the video above to show up , as rathmines site doesn’t seem to allow comment with links attachment anymore .As for the youtube video above , I just emailed it to a relative overseas this morning who hasn’t been to this part of the world and wanted to know more about life in ireland in general .

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