Easter Closure

The club will be closed on Thursday next April 2nd and Monday 6th and back in business on Thursday 9th.

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13 Responses to Easter Closure

  1. shahram says:

    heheehehe …. ! , Many april fools jokes around ,Best one ( chess related ) is on LCU site ,where deducted penalty points from kilkenny for breaking 150 point rule has been restored !, I’m sure it will be reversed tomorrow , because Lcu knows when a chess body has NO respect for it’s own rules , it can not expect anyone else to have any respect or obey those rules .

  2. shahram says:

    Yep , All other websites ran their april fools joke on 1st of april except the provisional icu site which posted their joke on 31st of march !!! , just got home , sleepy ,………zzz…zzz…

  3. Ali Baba says:

    Nothing “provisional” about the ICU website. The full functionality at back end will in parts be restored but the ICU website as it is now is here to stay, with added and improved features. At least that is what I was lead to believe, but you must know more than the people on the ICU executive.

    April fool joke may not be a joke at all.

  4. shahram says:

    Nothing ” provisional ” ! ,..well , according to icu chairman’s statement posted on the new icu site on st patrick’s day, that the new site is to be used until they get full control of icu.ie ,it sounded very much as it is ,and if the statement was false then it should have been posted on april fools day. As regarding me knowing more than icu executive on this subject , No I don’t , how could I ? ,I’m not part of executive ,you making me sound as if I’m psychic ( which I’m NOT ) .
    As for the April fool joke , if you are talking about kilkenny points deduction being reversed , perhaps I was playing my own april fool joke by pretending to be thinking it was an april fool joke ?! đŸ˜‰ .

    I answered your questions and now my questions , why do you feel you have to post anonymous and not have the confidence to reveal you identity ? ( I don’t bite ) or are you just trolling here ? ,

  5. shahram says:

    I feel bad ! , There was No reason to be harsh on Alibaba , he wants to post anonymous , so be it , no big deal , perhaps I was upset by kilkenny’s shrewd captain whom used his clout to make Lcu break it’s own rules and let kilkenny off scot free and not only breaking 150 points rule but also using a player who is not an icu member ! . I no longer have any respect for Lcu anymore, and should we decide to break 150 points rule in the future we must get treated same as kilkenny .I posted earlier that I identified all the posters on boards.ie , so alibaba is taking a chance trying to post anonymous here , see I read the few line he has posted here and say to myself , his post suggests to me someone with both linkage to executive and the current icu site , then look into his words , ok , he types ICU in caps , then he used ( , but ) ( comma -space-but ) which some use but what really catches my eye is his use of ( , with ) ( comma-space – with ) which you don’t see often , so look at blogs and scanning very quickly for commas and see who uses ( comma-space-with ) and I have my chief suspect đŸ™‚ .

  6. shahram says:

    Obviously in comment above I forgot to mention ,you have to put motive , ideas in words used and the words themselves and other factors to drive to conclusions and not as easy as I portrayed .

  7. shahram says:

    Terrible grammar in the comment above and forgot to type ” together “in there, I need English lessons from alibaba .

  8. shahram says:

    I’m NOT psychic , but a true GM in cold reading and evaluating individuals and their thought processes , teams and their potential and interpreting and analyzing data and situations and making predictions and finding solutions ,That’s how I’m able to post here a day before our armstrong game against Dunlaghoire and predict a win against them , yep ,if icu or Lcu want my help ( they badly need it ) free of charge with their problems they can contact me . in the next couple of day , I’ll post about what happened with mensa and my no.1 fan here ( kevin ) and irish championship … stay tuned

  9. shahram says:

    No , I’m Not going to talk about my no1.fan , will find another topic .chat later

  10. shahram says:

    Sadly ,rathmines won’t be sending a team to national club championship , most teams are based in greater Dublin area and last year NCC was held in ballinasloe and this year it is in ennis ! , NO consideration at all for the right of vast majority .Speaking about ballinsloe ,they’re coming into heidenfeld next season and their presence will be a real pain for any team playing away ,how come they are not playing in a league with nearby galway and ennis ? neither ballinasloe or cavan are located in leinster and yet play in Lcu ! .What have Dublin chess clubs done to deserve this injustice ?! .

    Was hoping to go to London in 2 weeks time for a holiday and also to play in this tournament on 24th April in an impoverished part of London called ,kensington ,but now forced to attend a seminar that weekend instead, it’s a strange tournament as there is NO prize money and NO juniors u-18 are allowed enter the building ,let alone play ! .

  11. shahram says:

    If you go to the new icu site and click on ” icu information ” then on “icu constitution ” there is a list of ” icu objectives ” which I will copy and paste here but I feel the sentences are incomplete and incorrect as a result , so I’ve taken the liberty to add to those lines to finish the job properly .. ok ,this is what the original objectives are on icu site

    3.1 The Union shall have the following specific objectives:

    To continue to affiliate to FIDE
    To encourage, develop and promote the sport of Chess in Ireland.
    To fulfil Ireland’s International Chess obligations.
    To maintain the Irish rating register.
    To ensure that the Irish Chess Championship is held annually.
    To administer the playing of competitive Chess in Ireland.
    To endeavour to raise the standard of Chess playing in Ireland.
    To obtain government and private sponsorship of Chess.

    and this waht it looks like after the changes I’ve made below

    3.1 The Union shall have the following specific objectives:

    To continue to affiliate to FIDE ………Badly and not registering fide rated tournaments held in ireland !

    To encourage, develop and promote the sport of Chess in Ireland………by discouraging non-resident players coming to ireland and also discouraging any resident player who wants to play in their first ever tournament by means of taxation and forcing them to pay icu membership fee first !

    To fulfil Ireland’s International Chess obligations……by regularly insulting world known players such as kasparov and nigel shortt on irish blogs !

    To maintain the Irish rating register…….. in a Limbo, by getting rid of the only useful member of executive , mark orr !

    To ensure that the Irish Chess Championship is held annually…… in a ghetto part of town !!

    To administer the playing of competitive Chess in Ireland…….. by having open warfare with tournament organisers and then eating humble pie!

    To endeavour to raise the standard of Chess playing in Ireland…. by getting rid of entry to top section of irish championship based on merit and rating and making it instead based on who you know !

    To obtain government and private sponsorship of Chess……. the sum of which shall Not exceed zero euro ! .

  12. shahram says:

    This morning around 8:45 am went to icu.ie site and the old site was back online and so was the rating site and they were working and couple of minutes later they were down again !.
    It’s sad that icu members don’t have a proper forum to chat , it’s good that at least on the new site you can leave comments under recent topics chosen by executive , but a proper forum is needed to pull the rug under despicable sites such as boards.ie “chess forum” operated by it’s 3 Not so bright moderators .Tyranny rules on boards.ie , if your argument is on the same side of the moderators you’re welcomed ,and if Not , you are issued with warnings and get banned , it’s as if on a football pitch in a local derby , 3 players from one team can also act as referees and issue yellow and red cards !.

  13. shahram says:

    I was in club last week and someone asked me about the gutless troll alibaba posting here , and he thought he knew who I meant ! , I told him , the troll has nothing to do with the person running or posting on icu site and all the non-sense stuff about ( comma-space-with ) was for the troll to waste his time reading over his posts and my chief suspect is a regular poster on boards.ie ,.This site needs proper moderation to stop trolls .

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