Club Championships 2015 – next Thursday!

The club championships will commence on Thursday 23rd April at 7.30.

3 Sections, based on ICU rating:

A: 1500 +

B: 1200 – 1599

C: up to 1199

  • Open to all current members of Rathmines Chess Club
  • 6 Rounds
  • 1 game per week
  • Rate of play 105mins all moves (quickplay finish rules apply) or 90mins + 30secs increment per move(if agreed by both players)
  • ICU Rated (to be included on September rating list)
  • Entry fee of €5 – to be paid to John Maher
  • Last year’s champions may play in higher section
  • Per direction from the club committee, the final round will be played over the final week of May and the first week of June
  • In the event of a tie for first place the champion will be the determined by rapid play-off (25mins each, unrated) to take place on the Thursday immediately following the final round
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20 Responses to Club Championships 2015 – next Thursday!

  1. shahram says:

    How does this competition start on 23rd of March ?!! , who is this john Maker who is collecting the money ? .I’ll be starting my own blog soon .

  2. shahram says:

    I am starting my blog within the next few days and the main reason is to improve my english by typing stuff , I’ll give the web address here for anyone bored out their mind ! , and then don’t have be typing here as much .Please only check it out if you really have nothing better to do with your time !

  3. David Goggins says:

    Hope we don’t see this sort of thing in the club championship!

    “Chess player out of competition after toilet phone use”

  4. shahram says:

    ” this sort of thing ” will not happen in our club championship as there is only one tiny toilet cubicle upstairs with not much hiding place and it’s located right beside AA meeting room, which means if you leave your smartphone there on your return trip , very likely you will find it has been replaced by an empty bottle of vodka ! .

    The tournament in question was held in Dubai , where I lived for about a year , It is very safe place to live , you can walk in any alley ,any time of day or night with no fear and if you park your car with windows down and leave a laptop on a seat , it will still be there end of the day , you can be a chess cheat in Dubai but never a tax cheat ! , as there is no income tax and no tax office as a result , I think there are a few thousands irish living over there , but it’s hot most of the year round and climate won’t suit many even though all buildings have air-conditioning.

  5. shahram says:

    As regarding the chess cheat caught here , as the potential winner would walk away with a big prize money , I don’t see how that is not a financial crime and why the cheat is not facing criminal prosecution ?, secondly , how could you trust a cheat not do it again ? , I believe in life ban for any cheat and if not a life ban ,then when cheat returns to any tournament ,his opponent and those around him should be made aware of his past so they can keep a watch on him , easiest way is , for cheat to wear an orange jumpsuit during a tournament ?

  6. shahram says:

    So how did yesterday go ? , No update on league tables or our twitter yet , I didn’t play yesterday . Just looking at irish junior tournament photos and see many of them contain picture of TD joe higgins , I am so glad he is not in charge of icu , imagine if he was , he would demand NO tournament would be rated unless %20 of entry places were provided free to those living in disadvantaged area and if a player had history of substance abuse ,he would be also entitled the use of an extra queen for the first 12 moves of the game !

  7. shahram says:

    Nigel short on sky news , talking about difference between men & women in chess , will write my own theory later

  8. shahram says:

    Regarding Nigel short controversy in the news .I think it’s ridiculous to think men and women are equal in all aspects of mental abilities , as they are also physically different as well , in some fields women are better than men and vice versa , for example , witnesses in a crime scene , women are far better in describing in detail a suspect than a man , as regarding chess ,this is my theory

    Over hundreds of thousands of years as men are stronger and faster than women,they were selected to be the hunters looking for prey and in order to hunt properly , qualities like 1. Timing ,2. Co-ordination in attack & defence 3 .Spatial relationship between objects in a hunting field ( trees , rocks , distance ..etc ) were important and men developed these traits better than women ( men who were not good in these qualities were more likely to die from starvation ) , as result of natural selection and evolution ,men became better than women over time in these skills, for example when parking a car when co-ordination is very important , men are alot better than women parking a car , adding the fact that men are more aggressive in chess and you see , why men are better in chess than women

  9. David Goggins says:

    Quoted in The Telegraph:

    “Judit Polgar, the former women’s world champion, beat Nigel Short eight classical games to three in total with five draws.

    “She must have brought her man brain. Let’s just hope Nigel didn’t crash his car on those days, trying to park it. At least this resolves the age-old debate as to whether there’s a direct link between chess-playing ability and intelligence. Clearly not.”


  10. David Goggins says:

    A disappointing finish for the Heidenfeld A team, losing 5.5-2.5 to Phibsboro in the final round (Michael Kennedy was our only winner). The A team finished in 6th place, just ahead of the B team. As expected the Armstrong team was relegated, which means we will have a very strong team in next season’s Heidenfeld. (Maybe two teams promoted next year?).

  11. shahram says:

    League tables and ratings were all updated last night . In Armstrong even if our match with kilkenny was scored 7-1 which should have been according to Lcu own rules, we would still be relegated ( by 0.5 point ) , couple of days before the final round Lcu decided to deduct one point from kilkenny and give to us ,(from their captain to ours)! , wonder what caused it ? 😉 . Kilkenny made an effort and called on 2 titled players who don’t live in kilkenny to help them out as a favour , I think next year would be more awkward to ask their help , but at least they made an effort and it paid off .In heidenfeld , Phibsboro also made an effort and came up with a full team on the final round and fought hard to win 5.5.- 2.5 against all odss and survive relegation which must have come as a shock to Drogheda who didn’t send even one player in their away match against curragh and gave walkovers on all boards .

  12. shahram says:

    ICU is an amazing organisation , It advertises events in it’s calendar, like ,clergy only competition in poland and a junior tournament in gibraltar , that very unlikely anyone from ireland would attend and then forgets to put what is supposedly to be the most important event in it’s calendar irish championship in it it’s own calendar !! .

    Irish championship in being held in a hotel in an alley off gardiner street , only a stone throw from where a nurse was viciously assaulted and carjacked earlier this month ! , why icu has little regard for safety of its members ? , is there going to be a security at the venue ? if not , one should be provided during the tournament , I mean they provided security in a college campus ( which already has security ) at a cost of 2000 euro , yep , I think it’s best to call in kevin o’flaherty ,proprietor of a security company called ” invisible security solutions ” for this job ! . I think if going for city centre location, icu should go for Trinity college , prestigious place , safer location ,lots of big rooms and and better access and money going to a college . Icu has done a few things right !!, one is , to charge higher entry fee for lower rated players in senior championship and getting rid of discounts for juniors & over 65′ s( although I have no objection for juniors getting a small discount ) , another is to recognize the women fide titles are nonsense and making No allowance for it in entry to the competition , Making women event a separate event was also a good idea . Yep I give credit when it’s due .

  13. shahram says:

    Terrible grammar in my first paragraph in the comment above , as I can’t edit the comment ,will have to re-do it again , here it goes

    ICU is an amazing organisation , It advertises events such as, a ” clergy only” closed competition in poland and a junior tournament being held in Gibraltar, in it’s calendar , unlikely any icu members will attend these two events and then icu forgets to put, what is supposedly, the most important event of the year ” Irish championship ” in it’s own calendar ! .

  14. shahram says:

    Yep ,ICU is clueless !! , in their entry form for irish championship , they state that, ONLY the senior section is a closed event ” IRL registered players only ” and all other sections are open and then in intermediate section they call it ” 5 round closed swiss event “!! .

    What is this scarry cup about ? , they don’t explain properly , is this only for junior players , or can adults play as well ? . It states that its aim is to prepare juniors for team competitions ,.First ,chess is not really a team game like football or volleyball , players play one on one against each other whether in team or as individual and starting up competitions like scarry cup is nonsense in it’s aim , plus the fact that most juniros play in the leagues like LCU and familiar with team match set up anyway.

  15. shahram says:

    Forgot to say , ICU ‘ ” closed event ” is also wrongly stated in junior competition as well , which means many icu members ( non ,IRL ) would be excluded from playing in any section in irish championship this summer ! .I wish the term “junior competition” was only used for under-aged players and not for the bottom section in ratings in tournaments as to avoid confusion among players , specially adults not knowing whether they could enter or if it is meant for children.

  16. shahram says:

    I’m still not happy with the grammar in comment 13 , I think it would have sounded much better if it read ” It advertises in it’s calendar, events such as ” clergy only ” closed competition in poland and a Junior tournament being held in Gibraltar .” instead of what was typed there .

  17. shahram says:

    Cool ! , Icu is giving away one chessbase 13 premier edition to a lucky paid up icu member, all you have to do is to send your icu number and answer one question , ” who is the current ireland ‘senior men’s champion ?” , On icu hompage ,where the question is asked also contains the picture and the name of current mens champion , which makes it really too easy , It would have been much better if they just asked icu members interested in winning the prize to send an email or make the question much more intelligent and difficult …like this

    Q. The current mens champion ( sam collins ) seen in the photo on icu homepage is likely sitting on what ?

    1. A chair

    2. An igloo

    3. cactus

    4. Scooby Doo !

  18. shahram says:

    Seems war has broken out over national club championship fiasco ,yep, there is a culture of disregard for rules all around . The whole concept of european club championship is nonsense anyway , some format based more like olympiad would be much better with several teams formed and batting it out among themselves and winner goes out and plays otherwise you only have couple of teams winning it year after year .

  19. shahram says:

    I’ll start my blog in couple of weeks

  20. leon fagan says:

    david in relation to next season you need to becareful of the 2 promoted sides from the ennis shield both very dangerous sides and should not be taken lightly but i do expect you to be there in the shake up at the end

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