O’Connell Cup Success For Rathmines Juniors

Rathmines Juniors won the O’Connell Cup yesterday in ALSAA. Eoin Hunter, Felix Jordan, Sanjay Menon and Utkarash Gupta gave a winning performance on all boards. After four rounds they were on four points and tied with Monkstown, it was the last game of the round robin and they won on all boards.

The all girls Rathmines junior team of Illona, Melina, Meghna and Anshika, came joint 3rd in the Philip Hogarty Rising Stars.
Strong performances from the two other Rathmines Teams who also took part with over 120 juniors from Leinster.

report from Maura Osborne

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9 Responses to O’Connell Cup Success For Rathmines Juniors

  1. David Goggins says:

    Congratulations to our juniors. It would be really marvellous for the club, and Irish chess in general, if any of them ever reach this standard:

  2. shahram says:

    Carissa Yip, featured in this bbc news has a fide rating of 1951 and only a 1610 rating in blitz , many of our now relegated armstrong team have higher ratings than this so called ” chess master “! ( she has NO fide title ) ! as we speak a few irish juniors of similar age are not far off her rating and conor o’donnel was rated higher at the same age as her and no body called him a master at the time, yep, if you are a girl and have a pr machine , you get this .

  3. shahram says:

    my game with donatas last week , blunder 15th move


  4. shahram says:

    went from winning to losing the game as usual !

  5. shahram says:

    ****Breaking News ****

    “I will be launching my blog this sunday ” 🙂

    Could you please tell my opponent tonight , I’ll be late 20 minutes or so and to start my clock on time , last week I was late and donatas hadn’t started the clock and giving me too much time in a game, is like giving me too much rope , I’ll hang myself in the game with it by coming up with silly ideas and sacrifices ! . Yes I had a disappointing game last week but it only lasted a few minutes ! as when I got home and saw that the Tories had won the uk election , I was absolutely delighted , see I go to London every summer and like hanging around centre of London and know if lefties and goody too shoes were to take charge for too long ,you’ll get a spineless government and centre of London would be overrun by junkies, muggers& homeless crowd and would be a no-go area for tourists like me.

    I would also like to let the club know, if I am offered the post of admin of this website and/or replacing team selection committee that oversaw relegation of our armstrong team twice in the last 3 seasons , due to my great affection for this club ,I would be forced to take on the burden of responsibility, .

  6. shahram says:

    May rating list is out , scott & henry li have done very well .Looks like National club championship is not going to get rated at all due to shenanigans . One thing I don’t like is when you look at May list, the highest rated player in Ireland is a guy called Brian kelly ,who is this guy ?, you never see or hear of him, hasn’t played for many years , he is like the phantom of the opera . I think rating list should have an option for showing active players only, or perhaps if a player does not play in any tournaments for more than year their rating depreciates by %1-%2 annually to reflect their estimated strength rather than someone simply resting on their laurels and showing off ?.

  7. shahram says:

    Icu is now advertising british championship ( junior section) in it’s calendar, which is a positive development , there are many tournaments in british championship for all ages and ratings ,and you can play in the main tournament for the title of british champion, if you have irish federation and entry fee is dependent on your rating , if GM or IM or a woman !! you get in free, but if rating below 2000 then you pay £325 ( around 450 euro ) to get in, as few have done so far ! . For juniors this is alot better competition than glorney thingy where scots and welsh have filled some of the sections with sub-1000 rated players and simply waste english& irish juniors time , perhaps scotland and wales can send a combined team ?.

  8. shahram says:

    Yes , I played last year in british championship and is usually held in a university campus with accommodation provided on the site , an en-suite lodging is much cheaper than what you pay for a B&B here , I would recommend this competition for anyone wanting a foreign tournament .
    Just looking at ennis entry field , many players cleverly give lowest rating they can find and not their live rating so they can be eligible for grading prizes , it’s funny .

  9. shahram says:

    I’m quitting club championship , please inform organiser asap and don’t try coercing me back to this mickey mouse competition, yesterday had another disastrous defeat from a good position ,enough is enogh ,I give up ! that kid, M haque is really good .

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