New Season Starting – Get Moving

Nights are drawing in so it’s time to start up those winter activities and chess in particular.

So, here’s what we’re doing to get things started…

From next Mon Sep 7th the club will be open on both Mondays and Thursdays from 7.30.

On the next two Thursdays, starting this Thursday 3rd, we will be running a blitz tournament to get the chess juices going. All welcome and you can play either or both nights.

New members are welcome any time but for those interesting in giving chess a go with Rathmines we’re having open nights for new members of all standards on Mondays during September. Just come along, a welcome is assured.



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1 Response to New Season Starting – Get Moving

  1. David Goggins says:

    Heidenfeld fixture list can be found here:

    Surely the first match is not next Thursday?

    And what genius allowed Ballinasloe into the Leinster leagues? This is only slightly less ridiculous than letting in the Ulaan Baatar chess club.

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