Club Championships

Club championships will commence on the coming Thursday 28th April at 7.30.

These are the arrangements:

There will be 3 sections (depending on entry numbers) based on the latest published icu ratings.
A: 1500 +
B: 1200 – 1599
C: up to 1199
  • Open to all current members of Rathmines Chess Club
  • 5 round swiss
  • 1 game per week
  • Rate of play 90mins + 15secs increment per move or 105mins all moves (quickplay finish rules apply)  if agreed by both players
  • ICU Rated (to be included on September rating list)
  • Entry fee of €5 – to be paid to John Maher
  • Last year’s champions may play in higher section
  • The final round will be played over the final week of May and the first week of June
  • In the event of a tie for first place the champion will be the determined by rapid play-off (25mins each, unrated) to take place on the Thursday immediately following the final round
  • entries will be taken on the opening night
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1 Response to Club Championships

  1. Niall Whelan says:

    Hi Tony
    I lost to Sanjay Menon
    Rd 2 Niall Whelan

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