Rathmines Players To The Fore In Glorney


Glorney Squad


The Irish Glorney Squad put in another great performance this week. Ireland retained the Glorney and Robinson cups, came second in the Gilbert and third in the Stokes.

Scott Mulligan puled off a magnificent 5/5 to help the Glorney team to victory and collected the board prize. In the Stokes Sanjay Menon also won a board prize with 3.5/5. Meanwhile, on the Robinson, Mustakim-Ul Haque scored an impressive unbeaten 4/5 – surely a board prize there as well!

Our other representatives putting in big performances for the team included Sean Hunter on the victorious Robinson team. Muhtarim-Ul Haque and Utkarsh Gupta were on the Stokes team with Sanjay which achieved a very commendable third place behind two much higher teams form France and England. Former Rathmines layer Henry Li also recorded a great score of 4/5 on the Glorney team.

Great performance by the guys and the club is very proud of their achievements. Their development as international players is a credit to Maura and James in the Junior club and the support of their families.

Full report and more pics on http://www.icu.ie/articles/607

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