Leinster Leagues Results

The official results of the LCU leagues are in and overall it was a pretty good year for Rathmines.

Armstrong. Our team needed 1.5 points in the last round to ensure that we retained our Div 1 status. Fiachra and Jack scored wins while Mustakim and John Aherne scored draws so we were home and dry. The team finished in 10th position, 3.5 points ahead of Blanchardstown and just 2 points behind 7th positioned, Dun Laoghaire.

Top scorers were Tomasz on 5.5/9 and Fiachra on 5/10

Heidenfeld. A final round 6.5-1.5 win vs Bray/Greystones secured an excellent 3rd place by the smallest of margins.

Top scorers were Tony B 8.5/10 (board prize), Abul 7/11 and Jack 6.5/9

Ennis. We had two Ennis teams this year who fought their campaigns at either end of the table and both with considerable success. Our A team finished 2nd thereby securing promotion to the Heidenfeld for next year. Our B team were in peril for a while but Pat Freer led his team to safety by a half point margin in the end.

Top scorers were Panos with 10/11 (board prize), Sanjay 9.5/11 (board prize) followed by some other excellent scores: Stephen 7/9, Greg 7/11, Aram 6/8, Muhtarim 5/7 and Peter L 5/6.

Bodley. A strong finish couldn’t compensate for couple of disappointing earlier results, so were never really in the promotion mix. However, 4th place was a very creditable result.

Top scorer was Tom Butler on 6.5/10

O’Sullivan. We had two teams in action here. In group A our team of mainly youngsters turned in a third place result which was excellent behind very strong Gonzaga and UCD teams. Our group B team also had to deal with strong UCD and Gonzaga teams and could only manage eight position.

Top scorers were Cian Bergin and Eoin Farrelly, both picking up board prizes with 7.5/9. Also scoring well were Dave Hunter with 6/6, and Eoin Hunter with 5.5/6. In group B top scorers were Rob Wilson on 4/5 and Dee Mowlds on 3/6.

In the next season we will have 1 Armstrong, 2 Heidenfeld, 1 Ennis, 1 Bodley and 2 O’Sullivan.

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