Club Championships Round 4

As we now have sufficient entries at the top end we can proceed with the remaining two rounds in the usual two sections.

As things stand after three rounds David Goggins leads the way in Section 1 with 2.5 with Tony Scannell in second with 2. Andrew He is the sole leader in Section 2 with 3, followed by Ciaran Byrne and Jack McIntyre on 2.5.

All round 4 games scheduled for Thursday next 24th at 7.30

round 4
Board result
Section 1
1 David Goggins 2.5 1.5 Jack Killane
2 Panagiotis Papadopolous 1.5 2 Tony Scannell
3 Peter Lynch 1.5 1.5 Tony Bermingham
Section 2
4 Andrew He 3 2.5 Jack McIntyre
5 Ciaran Byrne 2.5 2 Tom Butler
6 Cillian Scallan 2 2 Conor Mag Ruairc
7 Peter Bishop 1 1.5 Kevin Walsh
8 John Curtis 1 1 Pat Freer
9 Cian Bergin 0.5 0,5 John O’Connell
10 Dave Condren 1 1 Eoin Kelly
11 Niall Whelan BYE
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2 Responses to Club Championships Round 4

  1. Paul Groarke says:

    Hi Tony, Apologies but Conor Mag Ruairc can’t make Thurs as he’s away. Thanks, Paul.

  2. rathmineschessclub says:

    Hi Paul, can he play that match on Monday next and arrange with Cillian?

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