Opening Times

Following the summer off-season we are now back into full swing for the new season. Club is open every Monday and Thursday from today. Anyone considering joining the chess club is welcome to come along and see if it works for you.

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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Rathmines Chess Club will be held in the Club Rooms on Thursday 31st August at 8pm.

All members are invited to attend and participate.

Any member wishing to propose motion, nominations or items for discussion should forward them to the Hon Sec, Michael Kennedy at by Thursday 24th August.

Tony Bermingham


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Summer Opening

As usual, we will be reverting to one night per week during July and August. So, until the start of September the club will be closed on Mondays but open, as usual, at 7.30 on Thursdays.

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Club Championships Results

Following the final game on Thursday last, we now have the final standings.

The new Senior Champion is Michael Kennedy who beat David Goggins in the final round to secure top spot with 5/6. Runner-up was Donatas Jocius on 4.5/6.

Section 2 produced a tie at the top between Rob Wilson and Pat Freer on a 4.5/6 score. They will now face each other in a tie-break to decide the Club Intermediate Championship.

Also in section 2, Cian Bergin, despite losing to Rob in the last round, secured the Club Junior Championship with 4/6.

Section 1 & 2  finished as follows:

section 1
1 Michael Kennedy 5
2 Donatas Jocius 4.5
3-6 Philip Doyle 3.5
Tony Bermingham 3.5
John Aherne 3.5
Aram Hakobyan 3.5
7-8 David Goggins 3
Panos Papadopolous 3
9-10 Abul Kalam 2.5
Peter Lynch 2.5
11-13 Jack Killane 2
Grzegorz Pawlowski 2
Stephen Liddy 2
14 Pierre Casaubieilh 0.5
section 2
1-2 Rob Wilson 4.5
Pat Freer 4.5
3-5 Niall Whelan 4
Ciaran Byrne 4
Cian Bergin 4
6-10 Richard Sheahan 3
Joe Flood 3
Eoin Farrelly 3
John O’Connell 3
Michael Sheahan 3
11 Dave Condren 2.5
12 Ken Vanston 2
13 Eoin Kelly 1.5
14 Dee Mowlds 0
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Club Championships – Final Round

In the penultimate round of Section 1 all games were decisive. On the top boards Michael overcame Tony while Donatas got the better of Philip. This leaves Michael leading the way on 4, followed by Donatas on 3.5. The chasing pack on 3 are not out of it yet as we enter the final round.

In Section 2, the two top boards were also decisive with victories for Cian and Niall against Ciaran and Richard, respectively.  In the final round Niall and Cian stand on 4 and their opponents are Pat and Rob who both stand on 3.5 – the winner must come from this quartet.

All matches to be played on Thursday 1st at 7.30 except…

Tony v Philip and Stephen v Greg to be played on Thursday 15th.

Board Section 1
1 3 David Goggins Michael Kennedy 4
2 3.5 Donatas Jocius Panos Papadopolous 3
3 3 Tony Bermingham Philip Doyle 3
4 2.5 Peter Lynch John Aherne 2.5
5 2 Jack Killane Aram Hakobyan 2.5
6 2 Stephen Liddy Grzegorz Pawlowski 2
7 1.5 Abul Kalam Pierre Casaubieilh 0.5
Section 2
8 3.5 Pat Freer Niall Whelan 4
9 4 Cian Bergin Rob Wilson 3.5
10 3 Richard Sheahan Ciaran Byrne 3
11 2.5 John O’Connell Michael Sheahan 2.5
12 2.5 Eoin Farrelly Joe Flood 2.5
13 1.5 Eoin Kelly Dave Condren 1.5
14 0 Dee Mowlds Ken Vanston 1
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Club Championships Round 5

After round 4 things are tight at the top of both sections.

In section 1, Tony and Michael scored wins against Donatas and Abul, respectively, while Philip also registered a full point through a default. This leaves Philip, Tony and Michael on 3, closely followed by Donatas on 2.5.

In section 2, the two top boards were drawn. Niall and Cian both scored wins and join Richard, Pat, Ciaran in a five-way tie at the top on 3 points, closely followed by Rob on 2.5.

Section 1
3 Michael Kennedy Tony Bermingham 3
3 Philip Doyle Donatas Jocius 2.5
2 Grzegorz Pawlowski David Goggins 2
2 Panos Papadopolous Jack Killane 2
1.5 Peter Lynch Stephen Liddy 2
1.5 Aram Hakobyan Abul Kalam 1.5
0.5 Pierre Casaubieilh John Aherne 1.5
Section 2
3 Ciaran Byrne Cian Bergin 3
3 Niall Whelan Richard Sheahan 3
3 Pat Freer John O’Connell 2
1.5 Dave Condren Rob Wilson 2.5
1.5 Eoin Kelly Joe Flood 1.5
1 Ken Vanston Eoin Farrelly 1.5
1.5 Michael Sheahan Dee Mowlds 0.5

All ties to be played at 7.30 on Thursday 25th, except Niall v Richard fixed for Monday 30th.

Pierre v John and Michael v Dee to be arranged due to absence of one of the players.

Any problems let me know on 087 2415582, Tony.


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Club Championships Round 4 – Updated

In the 1st section, Donatas drew with Michael but still leads with 2.5 points as the chasing pack all scored draws. There are now 4 players on 2.

By way of contrast, all the games in section 2 were decisive. Pat defeated Rob on the top board and is now joint leader with Richard and Ciaran on 2.5.

This week sees a number of our competitors representing the club in LCU cup competitions. I’ve kept the disruption to a minimum but some of the games have had to be rearranged as shown below.

The full draw for round 4 is:

Section 1
2.5 Donatas Jocius Tony Bermingham 2
2 Philip Doyle Stephen Liddy 2
1.5 Abul Kalam Michael Kennedy 2
1.5 Jack Killane Grzegorz Pawlowski 1.5
1 David Goggins Peter Lynch 1.5
1 John Aherne Aram Hakobyan 1
0.5 Pierre Casaubieilh Panos Papadopolous 1
Section 2
2.5 Richard Sheahan Pat Freer 2.5
2 Rob Wilson Ciaran Byrne 2.5
1.5 Joe Flood Niall Whelan 2
2 Cian Bergin Eoin Farrelly 1.5
1 John O’Connell Dave Condren 1.5
0.5 Michael Sheahan Ken Vanston 1
0 Dee Mowlds Eoin Kelly 0.5

In section 1 David v Peter on Mon 22nd, John v Aram deferred, pending John’s availability.

In section 2, Rob v Ciaran is on Monday 15th, Joe v Niall on Monday 22nd.

All other games on Thursday next, 18th at 7.30.


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