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Armstrong A overcome Trinity but B team in trouble

Here’s the scorecard from Dublin University vs Rathmines A (Armstrong), played 25-Jan-2011   Bd. Dublin University ICU# Rating Result Rathmines A ICU# Rating 1 Tim Harding 541 2048 0.5 – 0.5 Sam Osborne 6252 2084 2 Liam Normoyle 6143 1975 … Continue reading

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Blitz results

    Killian Delaney showed his complete command of the art of blitz with a masterful 9/9 in the greatly delayed Rathmines Annual Christmas blitz last Thursday night. He had to beat such contenders as Sam Osborne (second on 7/9) … Continue reading

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Blitz – Thursday, 20th January, from 7.30pm

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I have changed the policy on the website, to make it so that comments must be approved before being viewable. I’d much rather not have to do this, but some recent comment exchanges have been descending into meanness and pettiness. … Continue reading

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National Club Championships

The National Club Championships are on the weekend of 12-13 February in the Green Isle Hotel – the same venue as last year.  There’s more info on the ICU website.  We’ll definitely enter one team anyway, plus additional teams if … Continue reading

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Rathmines Junior Chess Club

Rathmines Chess Club now have a Junior division. James Osborne told me last night that they’ve got a regular set of around 11 players, so it is building up gradually.  It takes place on a Wednesday night, from 7pm until 8.30pm, in … Continue reading

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Armstrong A edge past Dublin

Played at home in Rathmines, Thursday, 13th. January 2011. Bd. Rathmines A ICU# Rating Result Dublin ICU# Rating 1 Sam Osborne 6252 2071 0.5 – 0.5 Jonathan O’Connor 1243 2111 2 Killian Delaney 5104 2016 0.5 – 0.5 Martin Schmidt … Continue reading

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