Club Championships – Final Round

In the penultimate round of Section 1 all games were decisive. On the top boards Michael overcame Tony while Donatas got the better of Philip. This leaves Michael leading the way on 4, followed by Donatas on 3.5. The chasing pack on 3 are not out of it yet as we enter the final round.

In Section 2, the two top boards were also decisive with victories for Cian and Niall against Ciaran and Richard, respectively.  In the final round Niall and Cian stand on 4 and their opponents are Pat and Rob who both stand on 3.5 – the winner must come from this quartet.

All matches to be played on Thursday 1st at 7.30 except…

Tony v Philip and Stephen v Greg to be played on Thursday 15th.

Board Section 1
1 3 David Goggins Michael Kennedy 4
2 3.5 Donatas Jocius Panos Papadopolous 3
3 3 Tony Bermingham Philip Doyle 3
4 2.5 Peter Lynch John Aherne 2.5
5 2 Jack Killane Aram Hakobyan 2.5
6 2 Stephen Liddy Grzegorz Pawlowski 2
7 1.5 Abul Kalam Pierre Casaubieilh 0.5
Section 2
8 3.5 Pat Freer Niall Whelan 4
9 4 Cian Bergin Rob Wilson 3.5
10 3 Richard Sheahan Ciaran Byrne 3
11 2.5 John O’Connell Michael Sheahan 2.5
12 2.5 Eoin Farrelly Joe Flood 2.5
13 1.5 Eoin Kelly Dave Condren 1.5
14 0 Dee Mowlds Ken Vanston 1
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Club Championships Round 5

After round 4 things are tight at the top of both sections.

In section 1, Tony and Michael scored wins against Donatas and Abul, respectively, while Philip also registered a full point through a default. This leaves Philip, Tony and Michael on 3, closely followed by Donatas on 2.5.

In section 2, the two top boards were drawn. Niall and Cian both scored wins and join Richard, Pat, Ciaran in a five-way tie at the top on 3 points, closely followed by Rob on 2.5.

Section 1
3 Michael Kennedy Tony Bermingham 3
3 Philip Doyle Donatas Jocius 2.5
2 Grzegorz Pawlowski David Goggins 2
2 Panos Papadopolous Jack Killane 2
1.5 Peter Lynch Stephen Liddy 2
1.5 Aram Hakobyan Abul Kalam 1.5
0.5 Pierre Casaubieilh John Aherne 1.5
Section 2
3 Ciaran Byrne Cian Bergin 3
3 Niall Whelan Richard Sheahan 3
3 Pat Freer John O’Connell 2
1.5 Dave Condren Rob Wilson 2.5
1.5 Eoin Kelly Joe Flood 1.5
1 Ken Vanston Eoin Farrelly 1.5
1.5 Michael Sheahan Dee Mowlds 0.5

All ties to be played at 7.30 on Thursday 25th, except Niall v Richard fixed for Monday 30th.

Pierre v John and Michael v Dee to be arranged due to absence of one of the players.

Any problems let me know on 087 2415582, Tony.


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Club Championships Round 4 – Updated

In the 1st section, Donatas drew with Michael but still leads with 2.5 points as the chasing pack all scored draws. There are now 4 players on 2.

By way of contrast, all the games in section 2 were decisive. Pat defeated Rob on the top board and is now joint leader with Richard and Ciaran on 2.5.

This week sees a number of our competitors representing the club in LCU cup competitions. I’ve kept the disruption to a minimum but some of the games have had to be rearranged as shown below.

The full draw for round 4 is:

Section 1
2.5 Donatas Jocius Tony Bermingham 2
2 Philip Doyle Stephen Liddy 2
1.5 Abul Kalam Michael Kennedy 2
1.5 Jack Killane Grzegorz Pawlowski 1.5
1 David Goggins Peter Lynch 1.5
1 John Aherne Aram Hakobyan 1
0.5 Pierre Casaubieilh Panos Papadopolous 1
Section 2
2.5 Richard Sheahan Pat Freer 2.5
2 Rob Wilson Ciaran Byrne 2.5
1.5 Joe Flood Niall Whelan 2
2 Cian Bergin Eoin Farrelly 1.5
1 John O’Connell Dave Condren 1.5
0.5 Michael Sheahan Ken Vanston 1
0 Dee Mowlds Eoin Kelly 0.5

In section 1 David v Peter on Mon 22nd, John v Aram deferred, pending John’s availability.

In section 2, Rob v Ciaran is on Monday 15th, Joe v Niall on Monday 22nd.

All other games on Thursday next, 18th at 7.30.


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Club Championships Round 3

Round 2 produced 3 wins in section 1 for Donatas, Tony and Michael. Donatas is alone at full points followed by Michael and Tony on 1.5.

Section 2 is led by Rob alone on full points followed by Ciaran, Joe, Eoin and Richard on 1.5.

Next round Thursday 11th at 7.30. Pairings as follows.

Section 1
1.5 Michael Kennedy Donatas Jocius 2
1.5 Tony Bermingham Jack Killane 1
1 Grzegorz Pawlowski Peter Lynch 1
1 Stephen Liddy David Goggins 1
1 Panos Papadopolous Philip Doyle 1
1 Abul Kalam John Aherne 0.5
0 Aram Hakobyan Pierre Casaubieilh 0.5
Section 2
1.5 Pat Freer Rob Wilson 2
1.5 Ciaran Byrne Joe Flood 1.5
1.5 Eoin Farrelly Richard Sheahan 1.5
1 Ken Vanston Cian Bergin 1
1 Niall Whelan Eoin Kelly 0.5
0.5 Dave Condren Michael Sheahan 0.5
0 Dee Mowlds John O’Connell 0


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Club Championships Round 2

The club championships kicked off on Thursday and are being played in two section. In section 1, the full point was secured by Donatas and Abul while in Section 2, Niall, Rob and Ken recorded wins.

The draw for the second round is below. All games to be played Thursday May 4th at 7.30 with the exception of Kelly v Freer on Monday 8th.

Section 1
Donatas Jocius 1 1 Abul Kalam
John Aherne 0.5 0.5 Tony Bermingham
Philip Doyle 0.5 0.5 Grzegorz Pawlowski
David Goggins 0.5 0.5 Panos Papadopolous
Pierre Casaubieilh 0.5 0.5 Michael Kennedy
Jack Killane 0.5 0.5 Stephen Liddy
Peter Lynch 0 0 Aram Hakobyan
Section 2
Rob Wilson 1 1 Niall Whelan
Ciaran Byrne 0.5 1 Ken Vanston
Eoin Kelly 0.5 0.5 Pat Freer
Joe Flood 0.5 0.5 Dave Condren
Richard Sheahan 0.5 0.5 Michael Sheahan
John O’Connell 0 0.5 Eoin Farrelly
Cian Bergin 0 0 Dee Mowlds


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Leinster Leagues Results

The official results of the LCU leagues are in and overall it was a pretty good year for Rathmines.

Armstrong. Our team needed 1.5 points in the last round to ensure that we retained our Div 1 status. Fiachra and Jack scored wins while Mustakim and John Aherne scored draws so we were home and dry. The team finished in 10th position, 3.5 points ahead of Blanchardstown and just 2 points behind 7th positioned, Dun Laoghaire.

Top scorers were Tomasz on 5.5/9 and Fiachra on 5/10

Heidenfeld. A final round 6.5-1.5 win vs Bray/Greystones secured an excellent 3rd place by the smallest of margins.

Top scorers were Tony B 8.5/10 (board prize), Abul 7/11 and Jack 6.5/9

Ennis. We had two Ennis teams this year who fought their campaigns at either end of the table and both with considerable success. Our A team finished 2nd thereby securing promotion to the Heidenfeld for next year. Our B team were in peril for a while but Pat Freer led his team to safety by a half point margin in the end.

Top scorers were Panos with 10/11 (board prize), Sanjay 9.5/11 (board prize) followed by some other excellent scores: Stephen 7/9, Greg 7/11, Aram 6/8, Muhtarim 5/7 and Peter L 5/6.

Bodley. A strong finish couldn’t compensate for couple of disappointing earlier results, so were never really in the promotion mix. However, 4th place was a very creditable result.

Top scorer was Tom Butler on 6.5/10

O’Sullivan. We had two teams in action here. In group A our team of mainly youngsters turned in a third place result which was excellent behind very strong Gonzaga and UCD teams. Our group B team also had to deal with strong UCD and Gonzaga teams and could only manage eight position.

Top scorers were Cian Bergin and Eoin Farrelly, both picking up board prizes with 7.5/9. Also scoring well were Dave Hunter with 6/6, and Eoin Hunter with 5.5/6. In group B top scorers were Rob Wilson on 4/5 and Dee Mowlds on 3/6.

In the next season we will have 1 Armstrong, 2 Heidenfeld, 1 Ennis, 1 Bodley and 2 O’Sullivan.

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Club Championships Entries

The entries received to date are:

club championships 2017, starting tomorrow Thursday 267th at 7.45pm

No  Name                     Feder Rtg Loc 

1.  Aherne, John P                     1824
2.  Pawlokski, Grzegorz                1752
3.  Jocius, Donatas                    1718
4.  Killane, Jack                      1711
5.  Kalam, Abul                        1704
6.  Bermingham, Tony                   1689
7.  Doyle, Philip                      1661
8.  Hakobyan, Aram                     1601
9.  Papadopolous, Panagiotis           1548
10. Gupta, Utkarsh                     1524
11. Casaubieilh, Pierre                1500
12. Liddy, Stephen                     1498
13. Byrne, Ciaran                      1262
14. Wilson, Rob                        1181
15. Flood, Joe                         1158
16. Farrelly, Eoin                     1149
17. Bergin, Cian                       1005
18. Hunter, Dave                       885 
19. Sheahan, Richard                   820 
20. Kelly, Eoin                        800 
21. Vanston, Ken                       800 
22. Mowlds, Dee                        767 
23. Condren, Dave                      764 
24. Sheahan, Michael                   650

it looks like two sections 1-12 and 13-24.

Entries will be accepted on the night before 7.30.
A half point  bye is available for participants unable to make one of the rounds.

If any member has sent me their entry and I haven’t included it on the list please remind me and I will update and accept my apologies.

Entries still open at or 087 2415582


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