Mid Summer Celebration Blitz

With the league season over we can look back on the club’s key achievements. Ennis A, Ennis B, BEA A and BEA C all had good seasons and finished midtable. BEA B had a great year and were just pipped for promotion in a play-off. Unlucky there.

The real drama came in the last round of the Heidenfeld. With our weakened Armstrong team facing a likely relegation, it fell on the Heidenfeld team to achieve promotion and keep Rathmines in the Armstrong. Going into the last round we were battling to overtake our rivals and pick off the second promotion spot.

It all boiled down to the last key boards in the matches of all the teams in contention. On our side Abul and Jack were the final boards to finish and both pulled off difficult wins. Still, we need other matches to go our way and thankfully they did.

The final count was a tie between four teams for second which we won on a tie-breaker.

We will be holding a celebration blitz on next Thursday 27th at 8pm. We’ll have tea, biscuits etc in the club and those with a taste for such things can adjourn to the pub afterwards.


Some of the Heidenfeld team after the final round. Tony Scannell and Michael Kennedy were gone at that stage.

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