Leon’s miniature

John Healy (St. Benildus) vs. Leon Fagan (Rathmines A)
Round 11, Armstrong Cup.

Albin Counter Gambit
1. d4 d5
2. c4 e5?!
Already raises the tension, a good decision when seeking a quick win.
3. dxe5 d4
4. e3?

Already a wrong move.

4…       Bb4+
5. Bd2? dxe3!!

Giving away the piece but generating an over-whelming attack.

6. Bxb4?

He must play fxe3, but would still be lost after Qh4+, g3 and Qe4.

6…   exf2+
7. Ke2   fxg1N+!!

This is like one of those puzzle questions, where the solver must put a black knight on g1 in 7 moves…
8. Rxg1 Bg4+

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6 Responses to Leon’s miniature

  1. leon fagan says:

    now everyone will know this trap blast.back to the drawing board i guess

  2. shahram nikrow says:

    Nice one leon. I tried this trap so many times on the internet and it never worked for me and I gave up on it sometime ago convinced the opponent must be high on something before it works . There is a wild rumour going on in sheriff street that if you are the highest scorer in the BEA division ( even after missing the final round ! ) you get to play in the senior level in the club championship , any one else has heard it ?

  3. mjdkennedy says:

    Ouch! I feel for Leon’s opponent walking into a trap like that. It’s all to easy to play the opening on autopilot, so this is a cautionary tale – stay alert.

  4. Darren says:

    And there was me thinking that my 12 move win would be the quickest of the year!!! Nice trap Leon 🙂

  5. John Burns GM says:

    Oh go on, show us your 12 move win as well Darren (I know you’re dying to be asked).
    And Leon, don’t get too carried away. The Albin is still chronically unsound. Try it against me in the Club Champsionships and I’ll beat you (again!)

  6. leon fagan says:

    john you have never beaten my albin in a serious game it may be unsound but it is fun and i like to take the odd risk now and again

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